On A Gray Foggy Sunday…

I’m working on Reves this weekend to see how far I can pump up the violet and heliotrope notes without going too sweet. The woods base I have in here comes foward more in the later drydown as the heart notes fade, and so far I’m surprised by how much farther I can push some of the sweeter notes.

I’m also trying to get some Christmas shopping done, and one thing on my checklist is to look for some books for my niece. I’ll get a horsey story or two for fun, but I also saw these two that look neat for young girls:

Girls Think Of Everything: Ingenious Inventions By Women And Girls

The Sky’s The Limit: Stories of Discovery by Women and Girls

Even in this day it’s helpful to encourage girls who show interest in science and math fields; my older niece has science interests and might find some inspiration in the stories. Both girls are still young and will explore all kinds of things before deciding what interests them most though.

I better get back to work but just thought I’d check in…

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