I apologize for not posting more regularly.  Last weekend my brother and his family visited for the holiday weekend. Was fun to spend time with them.  My older niece really enjoyed the garden, smelling all the roses and cutting a mixed bouquet.  My Dad had built two swings in the oak trees that they played on for hours; one was a traditional swing and the other a pogo stick swing that gives all kinds of motion options.  All is fun at that age.

The new scent with sandal, cedar, labdanum absolute, jasmine, carnation, frankincense, ambergris, musk, and aldehydes is done and I think I’ll go with the name Champagne de Bois.  Testers have asked where the citrus nuance comes from, and that’s actually from one of the aldehydes rather than from a citrus oil.  It has a sparkling top from the aldehydes but a woodsy base with touches of floral in the heart. 

I have a couple rose versions ready for testing and a really interesting leathery, woodsy scent.  I want to get a few more of these up on the website and then we’ll go ahead and open while I finish going through the scent list.  Might be best to open with a smaller than normal list just to get started again while I keep blending. 

Also testing the new lighter summer lotion and deciding between putting it in jars or bottles.  The 20% Shea Cream is thick enough to be best in jars, but the lighter Body Silk might be best in bottles.  I’ve tested a bunch of lotion pumps and not been happy with them, so I may use the disk tops on squeeze bottles for the Body Silk.

Hope this weekend has been a good one for you.  🙂

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