Busy Weekend


Had a great visit with family. Here is the newest member, my older niece’s new dog.  They rescued him from a shelter and think he is a 6-year-old Australian shepherd mix.  He’s a sweetie.  The girls are cuties too, but I don’t want to post pics of them for their privacy.

Worked with labdanum absolute and guaiacwood this weekend; both come in semi-solid form and need to be warmed before mixed with alcohol and then filtered. I had run low on both and needed more.  I’m adding the guaiac back into Fireside Intense and the labdanum is for the amber scents.  Both are yummy ingredients.

Still working on Fireside Intense.   Trying to increase the deeper base notes without losing the lighter smoky notes that float on top.   Made some substitutions yesterday that are getting me closer.

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