What I’ve Been Up To: Puppy Raising

Jasper lawn 3 years old

I have taken a few years off from blogging after selling Sonoma Scent Studio, but I am just getting back to the blog. Part of what has been keeping me very busy is that I adopted a labradoodle puppy in the summer of 2019. He is a mixture of golden retriever, golden lab, and poodle, and we named him Jasper. We go on daily walks and spend a lot of time chasing balls, playing hide-and-seek with treats, and playing with four-legged friends on playdates. I’ve learned that poodle mixes need a lot of daily grooming and regular trips to the groomer for trimming. They are fun, adorable, sweet, and quite smart. Jasper is also a velcro dog, always keeping me within his sight or earshot.

Now that he has turned three years old, I am starting to get back to doing some work on the computer. I have been taking design classes online for a few years, but now I am also getting back to updating this blog and working on my websites. I plan to post a bit on the blog again as well as doing some other website work. I’ve updated the blog format to be more efficient on mobile devices. The world of website development has evolved a lot over the last few years, and I’ve enjoyed learning the new tools.

For this first post after my break, I thought I would share some photos of Jasper as he grew from a little furball of about 6 pounds to his current full size of about 30 pounds. Cute puppy pictures are always a welcome diversion!

Jasper puppy
Jasper chair
jasper back deck
jasper close-up
jasper in grass 3 years old

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