Happy Thanksgiving!

Wanted to wish anyone reading a wonderful Thanksgiving day! I’m certainly thankful for so many things in my life at this time: friends and family, a special cottage in a beautiful location, the opportunity to do something interesting and creative, and the fun of sharing my fragrance interest with the wonderful online community that has grown right along with the web over the years.

The photo above is one of the wild turkeys as it walked through our yard. I’ve posted this on Thanksgiving before but couldn’t resist again; I love the wild turkeys that we see almost daily here.

My brother and family can’t come until Friday so we’ll celebrate here Friday instead of Thursday, but that’s ok. I’ll have some time Thursday to catch up on things, though I may fall behind again on Friday because I’ll be out for a while. Haven’t seen them in a few months though, so it’ll be nice to have them visit.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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