Afternoon at the nursery

I’ve not taken time out to go anywhere just for fun in far too long (about a month), so today I spent the afternoon going to my favorite nursery, Cottage Gardens in Petaluma.  They have an unbelievable selection of plants, including many unusual things you won’t find elsewhere.  I don’t think they do any mail order, but you can get a plant list to see if you’re interested in visiting them.  The nursery is huge with well-labeled swaths of plants on paths that wind all around the property.

I have a few holes in the border where I lost plants last winter and wanted to choose some replacements.  It’s always fun to plant shop.  šŸ™‚  The nursery also has a small troop of sweet Australian shepherds that made me miss my border collie who is no longer with us but lived a very long life.  The Aussies are a little more mellow than the high strung border collies.

Then to complete a nice afternoon I returned home to find some aroma chem samples in the mail to sniff.  I keep my nose out for new things that will help.

So I have some catching up to do tonight after being out today, but that was nice.  Very hot again here today.  We’ll be having my brother and his family visit this weekend.  My older niece is out of school for the summer starting this Friday so they’ll all be busy with summer activities.

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