Update on New Scents

I’ve narrowed down Lieu de Reves to two variations that differ just in three ingredients, and I’m getting feedback to help me choose. I’m leaning toward one and need to see if others agree.

I’m still working on Tabac Aurea, and I finally got Gardenia Musk back out after putting it away for over a month. Now that Reves is about done I wanted to start on gardenia again. It was good to have some time off from it and approach it fresh. The last thing I’d done was to take out a very sweet musk and put in a clean, less sweet musk. I still think that works well, but I added another musk that’s also less sweet but will add more body. Also added another item that has a very soft fresh green note that lasts well. Many green notes either don’t last or feel too harsh or ozonic to me, so I’m always happy to find more that are subdued and lasting. It really helps a lot in this soft floral blend. I have more work to do on this though.

Still not done with the paperwork because I’ve been bad and worked on scents instead, as well as keeping the orders flowing out. It’s been really weird warm winter weather in CA for over a week now; we’ve had days up to 74 degrees (places in southern CA have been even warmer). The daffodils are shooting up!

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