Unsniffed Lemmings…

I have yet to buy a bottle unsniffed; I find a sample is all I need for most scents, and a decant does me for most others, especially because I don’t have much “skin time” left after working on my own scents.  But here’s my latest lemming for something to sample:

Now Smell This El Attarine review

SL Arabie is yummy but too food-like for me, and I’ve always loved La Myrrhe, so comparisons to these two plus the Bois series are intriguing.  El Attarine goes on the sample lemming list!

Finally had an hour to spend on Gardenia last night and added something that helps add oomph without changing the scent much (it just adds some strength and roundness to the floral accord).  I think this might be a small change for the better, so I’ll test again and possibly update to this.  I have several more little modifications to try, later today with luck.

We have some old family friends visiting this week and it’s been fun to see them all.  Makes you think about your growing up days; it was so nice to live in a little town where a lot of people cared about their friends’ kids as well as their own families.  It was a real community and it’s special to have those ties.

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