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I haven’t had a chance to work on the new scents the last few days and really want to get back to them.  In addition to Gardenia Musk and Reves, I have a new woodsy scent in the works.  Can’t wait to make more progress this week.

I did get to experience a quick trial wearing of Lancome’s classic Magie Noire and enjoyed it — a dirty rose.  It’s very dark and sophisticated with a pretty rose note and some fruity berry and blackcurrant notes, all backed by an animalic woodsy base.  Fun!  I’ll be getting a sample of the new Chaos and am looking forward to that!

The price of gasoline is really affecting my material costs.  One of my recent kilo purchases had to ship 2 day air because it is not good to ship this ingredient in the warm season via UPS ground, but the 2 day air was $50 shipping, ouch.  Gas prices have been painful for everyone.

My brother and family are spending the week at Tahoe for vacation, and my folks are babysitting their dog.  Sounds like lots of people are taking a vacation this week to fit it in before school starts again for the kids.  Can’t believe it’s that time of year again.  I’d better get back to work…

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