The IAO Awards Finalists

The top ten finalists were announced today for the artisan and indie categories of the 2013 Institute For Art And Olfaction Awards. This is the first year for the award program and they did an outstanding job of putting together a distinguished group of judges for the blind judging. I did not enter this year because the entries had to be scents created in 2013 and I didn’t want to enter my 2013 natural creations, but I feel very supportive of their program. They made a separate category for artisan perfumers, which is a first for an award program like this.

I’m happy to see Lisa Fong (of Artemesia Perfumes), Ellen Covey (of Olympic Orchids), Meredith Smith (of Sweet Anthem Perfumes), and Josh Meyer (of Imaginary Authors) in the top ten artisan group. All are very nice people and are fellow west coast indie perfumers.

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    1. Thanks, Donna. I had a couple people encourage me to enter them, but I was feeling shy about it since they were the first two all-naturals I have done. I was tempted though. 🙂

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