Study on Bug-Fighting Properties of Essential Oils

Dr Weil’s newsletter today reports on a study by Greek researchers that tested the antimicrobial activity of eight essential oils and found thyme to be most effective. Weil’s letter says it “almost completely eliminated the bacteria it was pitted against within an hour” and it was even effective against the so called superbug methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. This study should help lead to development of more products using essential oils instead of ingredients like bleach and triclosan. Good news! Some products with these natural-based antimicrobials already exist, such as the CleanWell antibacterial liquid soaps that use thyme oil for fighting germs and are scented with natural fragrance combinations designed by Mandy Aftel of Aftelier Perfumes.

Quick Update: I’m almost caught up with sending out packages and am working on a number of projects. I’m receiving some ingredient samples in the mail both today and tomorrow that should be interesting, and I expect my gold foil today for the new labels. The new press does work better than the first one I tried, so I’m making progress on putting the new bottles into production. I’m back to work on Bouquet Blanc, and I decided which tuberose absolute I like best in it. It needs more oomph after the latest changes though so I’ll work on that this afternoon. I also have some new scents for lotion in the works. And I need to get to the Opal reformulation. Lots to do! I also need to finish writing my post for Saturday’s May Flowers group blog project…

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