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Here’s a summary of the number of new releases over various time periods as compared to this year, from Fragrances of the World. It is not your imagination that the number of new releases keeps skyrocketing! Last year there were 1330 total new releases, with 331 of those being niche. Ten years ago in 2002 there were 464 total new releases with 100 of those being niche. Twenty years ago in 1992 there were just 101 total new releases with 21 of those being new niche releases. If I had known nine years ago when I first started SSS that this huge niche explosion was continuing to accelerate, I would have been afraid to enter the market.

This is an interesting article about the power of scent. It talks about retailers using scents to influence buying, and it also touches on other ways scent can influence behavior. Always a fascinating topic to me.

And I thought this article was a fun summary of things learned from Jean-Claude Ellena’s book “The Diary of a Nose: A Year in the Life of a Parfumeur.”

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  1. Thank you for the links I have a lot of reading to do! Isn’t it amazing how many perfumes are out there? I read that there are something like 15000 out there now and that the perfume industry is number two in sales in the world.

    1. It really is amazing. I guess it’s a bit like music in that a seemingly infinite number of combinations of notes are possible, though there is more similarity in some genres than is ideal.

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