Some interesting links this week

Testing for Alzheimer’s by sniffing peanut butter: Researchers have noticed a
correlation between Alzheimer’s disease and deterioration in the ability to smell odors, and now they have documented a difference between the left and right nostrils in Alzheimer’s patients. The patients have much poorer sense of smell in their left nostrils than in their right nostrils, and they had poorer senses of smell than those without Alzheimer’s. Researchers are using peanut butter and a ruler to measure this interesting phenomenon (as shown in the video). They hope to use the sense of smell to develop early detection tests and perhaps allow for early treatment.

Odor of Stress Sweat: Researchers say that sweat produced from stress smells different than sweat that is produced from heat or from exercise, and that stress-induced sweat can result in women being judged as less competent and trustworthy. Interesting that people could detect the difference in the scent of the different types of sweat. (It’s good to keep in mind though that the study was funded and organized by Procter and Gamble, a company that sells deodorants.)

Perfume Marketing Discussion: Perfumeshrine posted an interesting discussion on marketing tactics for selling perfume. I thought the post and the comments were interesting. I agree with most of what was said, though I have not minded having decants of my scents sold through Surrender To Chance. They help get samples out there, and I frequently have customers buy bottles from me after buying samples/decants from them, which seems like a win/win.

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    1. Thanks, PatriciaC. I really like the people at STC; Lisa handles my line and she’s great. I think it’s a nice option for customers to pick up samples from so many brands at once, and it’s good for my line. I’ve appreciated their help!

  1. Very interesting re: Alzheimer’s and smells, especially for early detection. Did you read the article about exercise lowering olfactory impairment? Could exercise then be used as a remedial (or early prevention) measure? (along with medication etc., of course)

    1. I didn’t see that one (will have to go look). Sure hope they do find early detection and treatments for Alzheimer’s — it’s so horrible for the individuals and the families. The olfactory decline is interesting though. We do lose some sense of smell with age, but this seems to go beyond that.

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