Sienna Musk is on the site now

sienna muskSienna Musk is on the site and ready to go, though it’s probably nicest when the weather cools a bit more.  It’s a spiced woodsy musk scent that is warm and cozy, but not what I’d crave with the temperature reaching 110 degrees F today.  We’re having a very intense heat wave.  The smoke has become much worse again from the fires, and relief isn’t predicted until Sunday or thereabouts, so most people are spending a lot of time inside.

I worked more on Gardenia Musk today and have something new that I like.  It has a prominent jasmine note as many gardenia musks do, but it has some creaminess that gives it a gardenia character too.  If you look at formulas for gardenia in perfumery books, they contain a significant amount of heliotrope for part of that creaminess, plus jasmine, tuberose, orange blossom, lily, and even optional traces of rose and violet components.  The end result is all in how you balance them.  I took out the woods today and just tried the florals and musks and like the result; it’s lighter and fresher this way.  Will test it some more but need to switch back to working on Reves for a day.  I’m hoping to have time for some blending again tomorrow, but I’ll see how it goes.

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