I’d like to put the cart up at the end of this week so I’m busy making batches of scents to restock before opening. I’m also finishing Jour Ensoleille because I’d like it on the list when the cart goes up. I have an appointment Wed that will keep me away much of the day and that will prevent me from getting much done Wed, so I’ll shoot for Friday instead of Thursday to put the cart up as long as everything is relatively under control by then.  I’ll post updates here and will do my best to hurry this along.

There’s a very interesting interview on Grain de Musc today with Celine Ellena, the perfumer for The Different Company (and Jean-Claude Ellena’s daughter). The new scent, Oriental Lounge, is described as an oriental without vanilla, which has me interested!  She explains that they listed one note as “satinwood” rather than sandalwood to denote that it was a synthetic blend of wood and powdery notes.   She seems like someone who would be fun to converse with, and the interview makes interesting reading.

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