Scent testing

I had a chance to test the latest rounds of Gardenia Musk and Reves, though I’m looking forward to trying the samples of Amouage Lyric that arrived in the mail yesterday (need to make time tomorrow!).

I’ve been looking at ways to extend the heliotrope note in Reves because heliotropin lasts well through the heart but fades in the late drydown stages (at least at the modest levels I’m using here). I found something that seems to help quite a bit. I also swapped one ionone for another and like it better. It’s an unusual scent but very interesting, and it’s about time to ask testers for some feedback.

I like the touch of tonka I recently added to Gardenia Musk, but if I keep it I may want to cut sweetness in other places.  One of the musks in Gardenia Musk is very pretty and has a nice floral nuance but is sweeter than the others; I cut back on that musk today and may prefer this.  Lasting power on these latest mods seems good.

I really do want to give these Lyric samples a sniff. I tried a pack of Amouage samples many years ago and remember liking Gold for men the best, even though I’d thought I’d like Dia since it featured rose and was geared to women. The Gold for men is incredibly rich and a drop will do you, but it’s beautiful and seemed to me to work for women too.

Fireside Intense, Ambre Noir, Winter Woods, and Encens Tranquille were reviewed this week on a blog that is new to me, the Nathan Branch Blog; it’s well-written with engaging reviews of many niche scents.

We’re expecting our first big winter rainstorm tonight and through the weekend.  Hope Halloween eve is dry for the kids.

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  1. Nice – you more than certainly can give CB and Neil Morris a run for their money! Maybe one day we’ll see your wares at Bergdorfs and Takashimaya as well.

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