Running a tad behind…

I need to be out for this afternoon so that’s going to put me just a bit behind, but I should still have the current orders mailed out by Friday.  If you’re ordering today it will probably go out Monday.

We’re having a hot spell again with temps over 100 each day.   We always have one final heat wave at the end of August or beginning of September (usually just before my birthday in early Sept, yes I’m a Virgo!).  October is one of my favorite months for our weather, with the intensity taken out of the summer heat but still lovely warm days as the vineyards start to change color.

I’m really pleased with the great response to the new Ambre Noir; many people are loving their samples and ordering bottles.  The new Winter Woods testers are going over well too.  I’ve been too busy to get back to the Gardenia but will do that as soon as I can.

I tried a sample of the new DK Chaos and like it a lot.  It starts out a little similar to Black Cashmere with the woods/spice/incense theme but evolves in a lighter direction, becoming gentler and sweeter than BC in the drydown and with different notes.  I’ll have to get out my BC sample (been a while).   Chaos has sweeter spices in the drydown, lots of yummy cedar, and less incense than I remember in BC.  The opening does have the herbal quality people have mentioned, but I like it.  Chaos changed quite a lot on me as it went, so I’ll have to give it another run.  I pick up on some ionones in the drydown too.  It’s a nice woodsy scent with soft spices and lasted around 4 hours for me from a little spritz, but I should try a bigger squirt and give that a better test (I just have a sample though).

My mandevilla vine I purchased and planted earlier this summer is having a nice bloom.  The scent is sort of between jasmine and gardenia, softer than either of those but very lovely.   I’m glad it seems to be growing happily and blooming.

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