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A number of Sonoma Scent Studio fragrances are reviewed today on Perfume Posse. Thanks so much for the reviews March! I’m partial to Winter Woods too, and it wears like a woodsy musk for me too. And, yes, the jasmine in Jour Ensoleillé is indolic enough to scare some people, while others enjoy that dirty edge, lol. I’m fairly tolerant to indoles and enjoy scents like the so-called death by jasmine that is Serge Lutens A La Nuit, so it’s tough for me to overdose on jasmine. Jour Ensoleillé would be too much for those sensitive to indoles though, and that’s one reason I’m trying to minimize the indoles in the new white floral I have in progress.

Also, a series of reviews of SSS scents appeared recently on the blog Beauty on the Outside. Thanks Danielle! Glad you enjoyed your sample box! I see that you plan to sniff DelRae Panache soon, and that’s on my To Sniff list too!

Hope you’re having a great holiday season and aren’t too stressed during these final shopping days! We’ve been having daily rain, but I know that’s easier than the heavy snow many of you have.

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  1. Hi Laurie,

    Have you sniffed Portrait of a Lady yet? It reminds me of one of your roses, either Vintage Rose or Rose Musc. It’s beautiful, but your roses are too and they’re much more reasonably priced. 🙂

    Happy Holidays!
    Ann C

    1. Thanks Ann! I’ve tried Portrait of a Lady just once so far. I like the rose accord and the overall scent, but there are other rose/patch fragrances that I like better (such as FK Lumiere Noire pour femme and Divine L’Inspiratrice). I get a stronger dose of cashmeran than I’d prefer in PoaL (I’m a bit sensitive to cashmeran), and I don’t find the amber/patch accord to be addictive the way I do with some of my other favorites. It’s beautifully done though and should work well for many people. I’ll try it again and see it if grows on me.

      1. Hi Laurie,

        Your nose is much more sophisticated and knowledgeable than mine! I love Lumiere Noire too.

        Speaking of beautiful florals, how is the formula for Reves2 coming? I love it and can’t wait until it’s ready.

        -Ann C.

      2. Oh, don’t count yourself short — I think everyone around here has sniffed enough to have experienced noses. I’ve just sniffed more ingredients so it’s easier for me to put names to notes that I especially love or that I prefer to be minimized. Glad the FK works for you too — it’s beautiful to me. 🙂

        Have not changed Reves2 since you sniffed it. Glad you liked it! I’ve been working on the other one…

  2. Wonderful exposure on a fun and informative blog. I am contemplating adding a comment but so far am absolutely stymied by the thought of ranking my SSS favorites….

    Enjoying a brief respite from northern CA rain….

    Suzanne M.

      1. I overcame my mental hurdle and posted a list of faves, with the caveat that the list was subject to change…. What I didn’t say is “frequent change”….like every five minutes or so. :^)


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