Rainy Tuesday update

It poured for almost 24 hours here and just let up this evening; we need the rain but this was a big start to the wet season.

I put the new 5 ml purse sprays on the website. Prices range from $13 to $17 depending on the scent. They are listed in the drop-down menus along with the 17 ml and 34 ml bottles. If you get two I will automatically wrap and box them together, but if you get one it’ll be unboxed.

There’s an interesting interview of Francis Kurkdjian by Cristiane Goncalves in the latest issue of Sniffapalooza Magazine; he talks about his new line, his inspirations, and his motivations. His new fragrances sound truly lovely — early reviews have been very positive and they’d be fun to sample. One of my favorites of his is the beautiful Parfums MDCI Enlevement au Serail, but the entire list of fragrances he has created is very impressive.

I’m continuing to work on the new scents as I can between doing orders and I’ll have more to report on that in upcoming posts.

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  1. Hi Laurie,

    I can relate to your wet situation – here in Adelaide we have been having torrential downpours every night since Sunday! One night, it was so loud, I was woken up by the noise 4 times.

    Is there any chance of a gift set containing samples of your perfumes, in those little spray glass vials? I was thinking of ways to introduce your line to my family in Malaysia when I am home for Christmas and that idea came up.

    Cheers! 🙂

  2. Hi Liza,

    That’s loud when the wind and rain noise keeps you up! Here big acorns fall on the roof this time of year by the dozen, and they make a loud noise as they hit the roof and then roll down the roof and fall to the deck, lol. People are always startled by it the first time they hear it.

    Do you mean the 5 ml purse sprays or smaller ones, like 2 ml? One thing I can do for a gift is put the little 1 ml dabber vials on the sample cards shown at the top of the sample page and they look nice that way (plus they have brief scent note descriptions). It’d be nice someday to do a boxed set of samples and let people pick whichever 8-10 vials or 3-5 purse sprays that they want to include. Is that what you meant? Sometime I could look into getting some plain black boxes that’d be the right size for a gift sample set and then make a label for the front of the box. Not sure what would be best between the 1 ml I have or some 2 ml or the 5 ml purse sprays.

    Thanks for the suggestion! Can’t believe the holidays are zooming up on us again! Hope you get a break from the rain soon. 🙂

  3. Hi Laurie,

    Yes I was thinking of sample sprays like the ones they give out at department stores for the mainstream brands like Chanel and Lancome. I was hoping to get a wide sample of your range at the one time. But I suppose I could do that with the 1ml vials on the sample cards … I will have a think! I was thinking of Xmas stocking stuffer ideas yesterday too, and the vials on a card could be just the thing.

    Yes I think a boxed set of samples is a great idea!

    A break from the rain is apparently on its way, we are expecting a whole day of sunshine on Sunday and I really want a whole day with no rain so I can do my laundry! 🙂


  4. Hi Laurie,

    I just popped quickly on your samples site and the price of one 1ml sample is $3.25 without a card. How much would it be with a card?

    And I also saw the limit of 10 per order with a max of 2 for a scent – I would need 12 and as I have only tried Lieu de Reves, I can only recommend that one to my family… or maybe you could recommend others which are in that vein?

    So many questions from me – sorry and thanks for your time!

  5. Hi Liza,

    It’s fine to do 12 samples because if you buy 10 I send a couple free extras anyway, so we can get you up to 12 easily, and I’ll send more for people by request.

    I’ve not charged extra for doing the cards when it is a special gift for someone, but I should add a box to the package and then come up with a price for a standard carded and boxed set of 10-12. I’m looking for some black gift boxes in two sizes: one long skinny to hold up to 12 sample card/vial combos (sort of like a tie box if you can imagine the sample cards sitting overlapping each other in a long line) and one larger size box about 8x8x3 to hold lotion/perfume sets or sets of several perfume boxes or any combo of items people would like gift wrapped that fit the box. I’m looking at my options. I’d probably add just a little extra to the price to make a gift sample set on cards in a box with up to 12 samples, but it wouldn’t be a per sample extra cost. I’ll have to figure out the price when I get the box pricing.

    An alternative would be 1.5-2 ml sprays without the cards; the cards are made for the little hanger on the dab vials to go through the hole in the card, and I think the sprays are too tall for the cards even if they were stuck on with some other method. I’ll check on that though. I’m also not wild about those little 2 ml sprayers because they shoot out such big doses, lol, but I know some people have trouble using the dabbers too. The 5 ml sprayers work really smoothly. I’ll play with my 2 ml samples again and see if I can be happier with them. I suppose the cards and sprayers wouldn’t have to be attached; the cards could just accompany the sprayers as extra info for people who don’t have the website in front of them. I’ll take a pic sometime of how the cards work all lined up when I use the vials — it works well so I lean that way.

    The sample set is a nice idea that I’ve been meaning to get to, so thanks for the push! 🙂

    I’ll email you about scent choices…

  6. Hi Laurie,

    Loving the sound of the ‘tie’ box! I can just see it in my mind – gorgeous! It should fit into my luggage just fine.

    Yes, I’m putting my hand up as one of those who have trouble with dabbers. Pathetic isn’t it, but I do have such trouble getting the stopper off them! Blaming that on my long fingernails. I almost gave up on the one containing Lieu de Reves so that was a close one 🙂

    I am still leaning towards 12 samples. I am thinking in fact 12 of Lieu de Reves as I love it sooooooooooo much but then I haven’t had the chance to try any of the samples you sent yet so that will likely change soon.

    How much time will you need to make a set up? I am leaving Adelaide for Malaysia on December 12.


  7. Hi Liza,

    Packages usually get to Australia really fast (7-10) days, but we should allow 2.5 weeks just to be safe before the holidays. That means I should send it out by mid November. I’m still sourcing the boxes; I’ve found white ones and may go with those, but I’m still looking for black ones. That’s good I know your due date so I can plan. Thanks! We can keep in touch on this.

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