Quick update

I’ve been really busy but plan to do the drawing tomorrow afternoon or evening. On the positive side, my delay has given more people a chance to join in.

I want to mention a couple of interesting links from recent posts elsewhere. First, research and trials are underway for developing a new extract of lilac blooms, as described by Natural Perfumery Guild President Anya McCoy on her Anya’s Garden blog. It would be wonderful if a true lilac CO2 or absolute became available!

And another interesting link: the winner of the Fifi award for best blog article, which was a piece on Elle’s website about how Frederic Malle developed the special limited edition scent called “25” for Elle’s 25th birthday. All the blog finalists were listed here, and included numerous blogs you probably know and read.

I’ll be back tomorrow night with some drawing winners. 🙂

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