Quick Sniffs

I’ve done some quick sniffs over the last few weeks and thought I’d post a few reactions, for what they are worth. Today I’m trying the new EL Jasmine White Moss; while it is pleasant and nicely done, it seems a bit too modern for me with some synthetic notes that I typically don’t favor. It’s nice enough but not a good fit for me (many people love it though so you may want to sniff if it sounds interesting to you). The EL Tuberose Gardenia on the other hand is something i enjoy, though it’s a funny one that I like better sniffed from a distance rather than up close to my skin. It’s strong so a single squirt is enough for me and produces pretty sillage as long as I don’t bury my nose to wrist.

I recently tried a few samples from the all-natural brand Profumo.it by Dominique Dubrana and found his Le Fablier Rose de Bois to be lovely. It has a very pretty true rose absolute note blended with soft woods, spices, and some sweet base notes. It’s not on his website but you can sample it at The Perfumed Court. I liked the other things I sampled from his line too, but this was my favorite. Lasting power is good for an all-natural scent and it is very well done (just what you rose lovers need is another lemming to sample, lol). The woods are not at all harsh but prevent it from being too sweet. The rose accord really shines for the first half but when it does fade the dryout remains interesting.

Also tried another very well done all-natural scent recently, Ayala Moriel’s Espionage. I was expecting lots of smoke and leather, but was surprised by the delicate way she’s worked floral notes into the composition. It has great smoke and leather notes, but it also has soft touches of floral that add a lot of beauty to the scent. The drydown is a soft skin scent but does give some sillage. I had previously tried and liked her Ayalitta but can now add Espionage to my list of finds from this line (need to try more).

I really enjoy natural notes in perfume and love when the most synthetic smelling aroma chems are avoided, but I sometimes have trouble with lasting power for all-naturals, or when they do last sometimes it is because the base is overly heavy on vanillic resins that overwhelm the delicate floral notes during the heart stages. It’s fun to find really well done all naturals like these.

The photo at the top of this post is a dahlia from my garden and has no relation to the scents in this post — I’m getting quite a few dahlias and even though they’re not fragrant they make great cut flowers. This one is actually more purple and less red in person but looks redder in the photo.

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