Just a quick update. For those testing Reves, I’ve chosen #22 and have tweaked it to increase the violet/iris note with a more floral ionone that is longer lasting, and it’s not too sweet as I had feared it might be; this is much better. I hope to work on it more tonight after I finish some orders. For the new woodsy scent, I added that new woods ingredient I mentioned yesterday (yes, I bought it, though I won’t have the kilo for over a week and just have a small sample to work with for now). It adds some extra interest to the base, is very long-lasting, and brings out the dry amber aspect. It’s quite nice with this, adding more volume and complexity even when dosed very low. It does push the blend more masculine, but that’s ok because I’m looking at this as leaning masculine anyway.

So I’m excited about those developments. I also have some samples of lovely naturals coming from France next week to look forward to as well. On the down side, I’m having PayPal frustrations, but I hope they’ll get things fixed for me within a week. Always something, lol.

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