Panel Discussion on Day One of Elements Showcase

There were several panel discussions at Elements Showcase today, and there will be several more tomorrow. One panel today was based on a new Robertet rose petal distillation that several perfumers used to build new perfumes. After Robertet explained their rose distillation, the perfumers discussed their creation process. Avery Gilbert, scent scientist, was there and wrote a summary of the event on his blog.

Mandy Aftel was one of the perfumers who created a scent with the Robertet rose for the panel discussion. She named it Wild Roses, and it has notes of rose, apricot, tarragon, and woods. I look forward to smelling it!

Mark Behnke wrote a very interesting post about his visit to Robertet, where he sniffed ingredients and learned how Robertet produces their special fractionated ingredients.

I’m looking forward to more details on this panel and on the other panels, including one on “art and commerce, can they co-exist” and one on trends in perfumery ingredients.

Updated to add:
Fragrantica has just posted a nice article by Ida Meister covering the Robertet roses panel discussion.

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