Odds ‘n Ends and Heat Wave

The temperature peaked at 110 today on my porch thermometer! We’ll be in this heat wave for a few more days.

Robin reviewed EL Jasmine White Moss today on NST and I feel pretty much the same way about it as she does. I mentioned a few days ago that it seemed well done to me but wasn’t something I could get excited about. It’s nice to see the use of an oakmoss accord in a “new” chypre rather than just a patchouli accord, but setting aside the chypre issue it’s still a scent that didn’t quite work for me. Here’s the NST review:

Jasmine White Moss

And Nathan today reviewed L’Artisan’s Fleur de Narcisse, which I sampled a few months ago and really enjoyed, especially the honeyed hay note and the beautiful soft iris. It’s another fragrance that’s too expensive for most of us to buy but is fun to sample. Here’s his review complete with his usual beautiful photography:

Fleur de Narcisse

I’m making headway on the project that must be done before I can put the cart up, and my Mom is continuing to improve.  Do email info@sonomascentstudio.com if you need a sample of something that’s not on TPC or PP and I’ll help you out with it while the cart is down.

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