Obsessing on details

I spent the day with dabs of various Gardenia Musk trials on my arms, working on other things while waiting for them to dry down so I could compare lasting power.  They all smell great in the first couple hours, but it’s hard to keep the interest going in the late stages of a soft floral musk.  I’ve had the basic heart accord settled on this for months, but it is amazing how adding or subtracting a single ingredient can make a big difference when the overall blend is soft.  I’m trying a few new additions to the formula and have a couple new trials to test tomorrow.

Didn’t have enough arm space to test Reves today, but I think I have a really nice version of that one now. I’ll test tomorrow.  Meanwhile, this latest Gardenia trial seems to be lasting well.  The floral accord is a creamy gardenia and jasmine, and the backdrop is a soft musk blend with some gentle tonka.  My goal is to narrow the choices down to one or two favorites to send out testers.  Getting there…

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