More testing

I took time out from testing new scents in progress to revisit a couple favorite men’s scents to decide which to get for my Dad’s upcoming birthday.  I wanted something easy-going and good in our warm summers.  Two candidates were Hermes Terre de Hermes and Divine’s L’Homme de Coeur.  They are both wonderful, and neither one smells like a typical men’s cologne.  I love the iris note in the Divine, but I went with the Hermes because it seems so refreshing to me on a warm day and seemed to fit my Dad better.

One of the notes listed in the Divine is deer tongue, which is a type of fern that has broad, undivided, blade-like fronds that inspired its name.  Deer tongue is used in perfume because of its coumarin content, which is also found in tonka beans.   Perfumers can use tonka bean, deer tongue, or straight coumarin or one of its related aroma chems.  Coumarin is sweet and vanillic, but also has an interesting note often described as freshly mown hay.  I’ve used tonka in my new Vintage Rose scent.

I’ve been testing my new scents too and blending between filling orders.  Still lots to do and should be getting new things added to the fragrance page this week.

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