More Scent Trials

On Friday I did a few more trials on Tabac Aurea and will test again tomorrow against my current favorite to see if one of the trials beats the current lead contender. I tried adding a very light touch of one woodsy leathery ingredient that adds a deep note to the base, and I tried removing one of the resinous woods in the formula (I’ve been undecided about this one ingredient since the start so every time I tweak I try it both ways to see which seems best). Also tried increasing tonka just a tad to see if that supports the tabac accord and adds a softening effect without going as sweet as increasing vanilla would do. Will see tomorrow. So far I think I like the deep note addition but maybe not the extra tonka. It is getting very close, and the current version is getting nice feedback.

Just pulled out the gardenia formula to revisit tonight. Only have about an hour but can see how far I get.

Yesterday the sun came out long enough to bring in a spring bouquet with a couple roses, daffodils, one carnation, some pink camellias, and a few scented stock. Not bad for February. The plum tree is just starting to show some buds (not open yet, but fattening up). Can’t believe how soon spring will be here!

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  1. I can’t wait for this one…..really looking forward to it. I just happen to be going through a tobacco kick right now, so it’s perfect timing. Very excited.

  2. Hi Samantha! Glad Tabac Aurea sounds interesting to you. I love the smell of tobacco absolute too.

    I’ll be testing the new tabac mods this morning. First I tried a new mod of gardenia I did last night and it is much improved. Next I’ll do the tabacs and go outside in the fresh air for a bit (it’s a frosty morning today and still in the mid 30s, which is chilly for us!).

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