More Kilo Lust…

I’ve been busily trying to squeeze in some ingredient sourcing today; I have some lovely naturals I’ve been researching and then nine samples from an aroma chem supplier arrived yesterday with new releases that are very interesting. I’ve fallen hard for one and want to order a kilo. They were sneaky and didn’t include pricing with the samples, lol, so when I emailed for prices today of course it was the most expensive one I had fallen for. It’s a wonderful new woodsy ingredient, different from anything I have. I’ll probably go ahead and get a kilo, but I’ll sleep on it.

I’m also working on the new oakmoss issue, along with some other naturals, and keeping up with orders. Need to do some Christmas shopping too… I’ve been sniffing ingredient samples so haven’t been able to test anything other than those the past few days, but the last time I tried Reves #22 I enjoyed it.

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