Link to video presentation by Andy Tauer

Now Smell This just posted a link to a video presentation by Andy Tauer about his pentachords project. He always comes across as such a nice, genuine person. The video is fun to watch and quite informative. I could relate to many things he said.

I had wondered about Andy’s motivation for the pentachord project because it would be so hard to create a fragrance with much development or complexity using just five ingredients, all synthetic. That challenge was part of his motivation, of course. He also spoke about highlighting some of the most beautiful and expensive synthetics. With all the talk about the beauty of naturals (which is very true, as naturals can be gorgeous), sometimes people don’t realize that there are synthetics that also cost many thousands of dollars per kilo and are also gorgeous. Many of my synthetic ingredients are extremely expensive and I find them very beautiful, so I could really relate to how Andy spoke of trying to combine the best of both worlds.

I could also relate to his sense of never being totally satisfied and wanting to keep growing and learning and improving. That must be something we all feel in life. It’s fun to watch Andy grow his business and easy to wish him much success. I’ve enjoyed my Zeta sample this spring and look forward to trying the pentachords.

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