Learning Perfumery: Classes & Schools

I am frequently asked what types of classes and schools are available to learn about perfumery. I decided to post about this topic since it seems to be of interest, and now I can refer to this post whenever I’m asked the question in the future. I learned perfumery on my own through self-study and do not have personal experience with classes, but I can provide a list of many of the options. Some of the short courses are appropriate for people who just want to learn more about perfumery, while the longer programs are intended for those who want to make perfumery their life’s work. This information can also help you understand the background of perfumers who list schools in their bio information.

Studying in France to be a Perfumer:

ISIPCA (Institut supérieur international du parfum, de la cosmétique et de l’aromatique alimentaire) in Versailles is one of the most well-known and respected perfumery schools. It was founded in 1970 by Jean-Jacques Guerlain. Only about 20 students are accepted into the intensive program each year, and they must have chemistry degrees to apply. Students learn to recognize perfumery ingredients and study classic formulas before beginning to create their own perfumes. The program lasts two years, and then the students apprentice at a fragrance house for several years. Very few indie perfumers have studied at ISIPCA (the only one I know is Ineke Ruhland of Ineke Perfumes).

The Givaudan Perfumery School, located in the outskirts of Paris, was founded with the guidance of perfumer Jean Carles in 1946 and offers a three-year program. Jean Guichard is the school’s current director. The Givaudan site says, “The school attracts hundreds of applicants for the prized few places available each year.” Givaudan, a Swiss company, is one of the major suppliers of raw ingredients for the fragrance and flavor industries, and they create many of the scents on the market today. You must work for Givaudan to attend their school (that is true for all the schools that are internal to a major fragrance/flavor company — Givaudan, IFF, Mane, etc).

The Grasse Institute of Perfumery was founded in 2002. The student perfumer training program is an intensive nine-month course open to only 12 students each year. They also offer some summer school programs and a seven-month program to become a technical assistant. I know of two indie perfumers who studied at GIP: Jessica September Buchanan of 1000 Flowers and Anne McClain of MCMC Fragrances. Jessica wrote an interesting chronicle of her time at the perfumery school. Clayton Ilolahia gives a great description of his experience attending the GIP two-week intensive summer course on his blog What Men Should Smell Like.

Mane Perfumery School is a two-year program followed by further training while working at Mane, which is another major supplier of fragrance/flavor ingredients and products.

Cinquieme Sens, which means Fifth Sense, was founded in Paris in 1976 and then expanded its program to New York in 2008 and to Amsterdam (their Northern European division) in 2017. Cinquieme Sens offers workshops and training programs at both the introductory and professional level. Programs can also be individually tailored. Gaia wrote about her visit to the Paris location of Cinquieme Sens on her blog The Non-Blonde. Swiss perfumer Vero Kern of Vero Profumo trained at Cinquieme Sens in Paris.

Short Classes in France Open to the Public:

Galimard is a perfumery in Grasse that offers 2-5 hour workshops designed for the lay person to learn about the art of perfumery. Perfumers lead classes with small groups of people and each person has access to an organ with over a hundred ingredients. You learn notes and then compose your own scent. You get a 100 ml bottle of your creation and a diploma for completing the several hour class. It’s meant to be a quick introduction to perfumery, and anyone can pay to take the class with no admission requirements. These types of short classes are offered at some other fragrance houses too (Fragonard and Molinard), and are targeted to the tourist market. They can be a fun though and might spark an interest in some people to study perfumery. Here are some reviews.

Studying in the USA to be a Perfumer:

IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc), like Givaudan, is one of the major suppliers of fragrance and flavor ingredients as well as creator of many of today’s fragrances. They have an internal perfumery school (you must work for IFF in order to attend the school) in New York headed by Ron Winnegrad. It is very competitive to be admitted to one of the few spots each year. Victoria Frolova of the Bois de Jasmin blog has studied perfumery at the prestigious IFF school.

Cinquieme Sens, offers training programs at the professional level both in Paris and in New York (see entry above).

The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City offers a B.S. in Cosmetics And Fragrance under their Cosmetics And Fragrance Marketing program. They say you will learn the business and marketing end of the fragrance industry and will also “learn to create and evaluate fragrances in FIT’s professional-level fragrance studio.” It is not a perfumery school but includes perfumery in the curriculum.

Many USA indie perfumers offer classes or internships for those who want to learn perfumery. Many more natural perfumers seem to offer these courses than perfumers who use combinations of naturals and synthetics. I can’t give a complete list here, but classes are given by natural perfumers Mandy Aftel of Aftelier Perfumes and Ayala Moriel of Ayala Moriel Parfums. Anya McCoy of Anya’s Garden and the Natural Perfumery Institute offers a home study course and textbook in natural perfumery and leads an online Yahoo Natural Perfumery Group. Charna Ethier of Providence Perfumes and Jeanne Rose, esteemed aromatherapist and author, also teach natural perfumery classes. Roxana Villa of Roxana Illuminated Perfume teaches classes in person and also offers an online program for learning natural perfumery. Jessica Hannah of jhannahco.com offers natural perfumery workshops in several locations, including the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. Eliza Douglas, a GIP trained perfumer, offers classes in Brooklyn, NY; she is a mixed media perfumer so you would have the opportunity to learn about both naturals and synthetics. (Even if you choose not to use synthetics in your blends, sniffing a full range of available synthetics and naturals helps educate your nose. You can also sniff natural isolates for aroma chemicals that are available in natural versions.) Many other indie perfumers offer classes, books, or internships, and you can find information on their websites.

Short Classes in the USA Open to the Public:

The Los Angeles Institute For Art And Olfaction has introduced workshops, talks, and once-a-week drop-in sessions open to anyone who wants to learn. For upcoming events, check their schedule page. Update on 7/14/2015: The IAO is starting a resource page with a listing of perfumery classes around the world, many of which are given by indie perfumers.

Cinquieme Sens, offers workshops and training programs that are open to the public in its New York location. See also the entries for Cinquieme Sens above.

Scenterprises is a New York company that offers one day workshops in which you can learn about perfumery and make your own scent.

The Perfumer’s Apprentice offers introductory courses in perfume creation at their Scotts Valley, CA location that are open to the public. They also sell perfumery educational kits.

Perfumer’s World, based in Thailand, now offers workshops in Los Angeles (as well as in other locations around the world).

Long Distance Classes:

The ICATS (International Centre for Aroma Trades Studies)program leads to an IFEAT (International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades) diploma. The course is associated with Plymouth University in the UK, and the director is Dr. Tony Curtis. Part of the course description reads, “In distance learning the normal university approach of lectures, tutorials and workshops are replaced with reading and activities. The approach has proved its worth over 30 years. All the necessary materials are included in the learning pack (ICATS module workbooks on CDs, textbooks, monographs, aroma reference standards, smelling strips and IFEAT expert papers). There is a lot of flexibility. There is no fixed exam at the end of the academic year or fixed hand in dates for assignments. Students can work through the material at their own pace.”

Other Classes Outside The USA:

The Perfumer’s World, located in Thailand, offers classes on location in Thailand and in other countries and also offers correspondence courses. Karen Gilbert has written a review of a three-week Perfumer’s World course that she took on location in Thailand.

Karen Gilbert now offers her own classes in the UK. She also has an online course. She has also written several books that you can find on her website.

Other fragrance and flavor companies have internal schools, such as the Symrise Perfumery School, which has locations in Germany and India.

As mentioned, Cinquieme Sens offers training programs in Amsterdam through their Northern European division. (They are based in Paris and also have programs in New York.)

Another program in the UK is called The Perfumery Art School; it offers both in-person classes and long-distance study. You can check their website for more information, and if you look down in the comments below you can find a comment by the founder with some helpful links to blog reviews of the program.

Self-Study Resources:

Many indie perfumers are self taught, and there are even some very famous self-taught perfumers such as the much-loved and prolific Bertrand Duchaufour, the 2006 Prix Francois Coty award winner Lorenzo Villoresi, and one of the first very successful indies Any Tauer. Most small indie perfumers learn from a variety of sources — reading books, researching online, experimenting with ingredients, and joining online groups to interact with others who are also learning. Three online groups with lots of links to books/formulas/suppliers are the Yahoo perfumemaking group (for both mixed media and natural perfumers), the Yahoo Natural Perfumery Group, and the Basenotes DIY group. The Yahoo perfumery group is no longer very active but it has moved to a Facebook group also called Perfumemaking. I joined the Yahoo perfumemaking group very shortly after its inception. I was one of the few members of that original Yahoo group who was already in business when the group began, but it was nice to meet online with others who were learning about perfumery with the intention of starting businesses. We made friendships there that allowed us to buy kilos of ingredients together and split them before our businesses were large enough to need whole kilos. Today the Facebook version of that group is a place where you can post questions and receive feedback from other indies/artisans. An indispensable online reference for ingredient information is The Good Scents Company. Small quantities of ingredients (including synthetics) can be ordered from The Good Scents Company, The Perfumer’s Apprentice, Perfumer’s Supply House, and Creating Perfume.

Hope that list is helpful, though I know it is not all inclusive.

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  1. Wonderful post, Laurie- This is a very useful reference. Re: the perfumemaking yahoo group- are you referring to the one moderated by jenny? If so- I think I joined that too 6 or so years ago when I was curious about perfume making- it is a wonderful resource and everybody’s so friendly! And you’ve got to love the raw material splits- haha (though I’ve never taken part in it).
    Also, I noticed in one of the photos on Nathan Branch’s blog (Letters series) that you’d sent a pic of the book ‘scent and chemistry’..Do you like that book?

    1. Yes, that’s the group that I mean, though Jenny no longer moderates it. She has moved on to other things, but the group is still healthy. Back when I first started to buy synthetic ingredients, The Perfumer’s Apprentice did not exist, so the only ways to buy ingredients in small quantities were through The Good Scents Company or through group buys. Both were important resources and still are helpful to people starting out today, but now there is also The Perfumer’s Apprentice for small quantities. Also, once you get accounts with the large suppliers and start buying from them, they will provide samples. It just takes some time to get going when you are first starting out.

      I did like the Scent And Chemistry book and still refer to it. I don’t have much background in chemistry so it is helpful in that respect, and also the information about ingredients in many niche scents is fascinating.

  2. Hi Laurie:
    You may be referring to the 2500-member Yahoo group I host on natural perfumery. It’s the world’s largest repository of messages, files, links and other resources. http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/NaturalPerfumery/info

    In 2007 I launched the first online course in natural perfumery at http://perfumeclasses.com and published the first textbook on the subject a few years later. The techniques I teach can be used by natural or conventional perfumers, they’re based on the French school method, updated to include Excel worksheets and other modern resources. My students enjoy lifetime access to a private discussion group where they can network, get updates, ask questions and generally keep up-to-date on the subject.

    Other perfumery courses that are highly esteemed include Jeanne Rose’s http://jeannerose.net and ones from Charna Ethier http://providenceperfume.com

    It’s just wonderful so many educational resources are now available to aspiring perfumers!

    1. Hi Anya!
      Actually I was referring to another Yahoo group called perfumemaking that includes both natural and mixed media perfumers. I’m very glad you posted your information too though! Your additions are much appreciated. I know you have many years of experience and your classes and group are wonderful resources, especially for natural perfumers. I was hoping people would add things that I missed. Thank you!

    1. I’m hoping it will be useful! There are a lot of resources out there at different levels that suit different needs, and maybe this list will help some people find appropriate resources.

  3. Thank you for such a comprehensive list, Laurie. I often get asked where one can learn perfumery, so now I will be directing everyone here.

    IFF’s headquarters are in Manhattan, as is their perfumery school. They have a production site in Hazlet, New Jersey, but the major creative center is in New York. When it comes to all of these internal schools (IFF, Mane, Givaudan, Firmenich, Symrise, etc), they are only open to the employees. So one has to work in some capacity or another before being able to apply for the school. There are always exceptions, but on average, that’s how it goes.

    Cinquieme Sens is another respected training program. For instance, Vero Kern is a graduate. They offer all sorts of programs, from one day workshops to long term courses. They now operate in NYC as well.

    1. Hi Victoria,

      Thanks so much for the additional information! I knew that you had to work for the companies of the internal schools to attend the school (I’ll add some text above to clarify that), but I was guessing that occasionally someone might be hired with the idea of admitting them to the school (maybe that doesn’t happen though). My only interaction with IFF at this point has been buying kilos of their ingredients. Taking part in their school must be amazing!

      I did not know that Vero Kern attended Cinquieme Sens! I just added that and some more info to the entries on Cinquieme Sens — thanks for your help.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and adding more information!

  4. As others have mentioned, this is a FABULOUSly informative post. I’ve been working through Mandy Aftel’s Workbook I for natural perfumery and have been excited about reaching out to other people who are getting started and fully established. I so appreciate you took the time to put this together since a post like this clearly represents much knowledge and research. I hope you’ll consider adding to the post when you hear about more! Excited to have found you…

    1. Thanks, Emily! Yes, I intend to keep adding information here as it comes up. In fact, I just heard about a GIP trained perfumer who is offering classes in New York, and I’m going to add that link today. Glad you found the post useful, and good luck with your perfumery study!

    2. Emily, I am planning to do Mandy Aftel’s perfumery classes. You are saying you took level 1 with her? What are you impressions? It is quite pricey so I would like to know what I am getting into! Thank you. Anna

  5. Thanks Laurie,this is informative and i so appreciate.I am interested in Luxury bespoke perfumery,hand lotion,diffusers,room fragrances.Have you got an idea where i can learn it in United kingdom?.This is my Dream!!

      1. Hi Laurie,Thanks alot for the information.I have been on Karen Kilbert and her life class is starting in June 2014 ..I m looking at starting my year with this course because my mind has been on it.June/july is far for me.I am hoping Karen will have a life class from February,That will interest me more.I have been through the course line out and it seems i have so many interesting and different things to learn.Exactly what i want.

        1. Glad her course outline looked interesting to you. Maybe you could start with her online class (or another online class) in the meantime before her June class. There’s also quite a bit of learning you can do on your own if you join some of the groups and/or use some of the resources I mentioned in the “Self Study Resources” section above. Good luck!

  6. Hello,
    My name is Latoya Miller, I am the SkinCare/ Fragrance Specialist at Sephora in Manhasset Long Island. I was seeing if there was someone responisble for the Job Placement divison because we would like to fill our fragrance consultant position if you have any possible candidates. Please feel free to call me at 516-365-9008 or contact me via email latoyamiller24@hotmail.com
    Thank you
    Latoya Miller
    Skin Care Specialist

    1. Hi Latoya,
      I don’t have anyone who works in job placement, but I can certainly post a note about this open position and direct people to you if someone is interested. Good luck! Hope you find someone who is perfect for the job! 🙂

  7. Hi my name is Linda, I am very interested in finding out if you have another class or seminar that I could be part of. I would like to schedule a seminar for myself and I might be able to have two other people come with me I like to know how much it is how many hours it is and if you have a class schedule I know that some months are better more for me than others so go from this is, I’m very interested in it it’s a lifelong dream of mine so if you can give me any information I would appreciate it.
    thank you. thank you so much my phone name is in the context of the letter
    Linda DeCristoforo thank you

    1. Hi Linda,
      I just saw this and will email you. I’m not offering classes myself; this was a list meant as a resource for people who are trying to find classes in perfumery offered all over the world.

    1. Yes, I think they do, but you have to be hired to work for them. You work and go to their school at the same time. They receive a large number of applicants and can only take a few each year, so it is quite competitive.

  8. Very interested in fragrance and education behind it. One day to come out with my own signature fragrance that is timeless.

  9. Thanks for this post.. I have one question, I want to study perfumery but I’m not looking for any course for more than 3-5 months also not that 3 weeks course so can anyone help me I can go to USA or to UK or to any good country in Europe..
    Please help me

    1. Hi Abdo,

      I’ve included all the classes I know about in the list above, with the exception of one new program I just heard about last week. It’s in the UK and you can find info here at this link (I don’t know anything else about it though): http://www.perfumeartschool-uk.com

      Another option might be one of the online courses.

      Good luck!

  10. Hi Laurie! I am so thankful for coming across your website. I actually was doing a search on the school you mentioned, Perfume Art School UK and thought to ask what you thought of their summer course in Italy. If you happen to find out more information on them, I would love to hear your thoughts. Again, thank you Laurie for all you share. So valuable!

      1. Hello Laurie,

        I am the founder and Principal of the Perfumery Art School and I wanted to thank you for mentioning my school in your list. It is much appreciated.

        Some of our students write their course experience with us on their blogs. Here are some links:

        Her two scents: http://hertwoscents.com/all-about-her-two-scents/
        The Olfaction attraction: http://theolfactionattraction.weebly.com/student-blogslog

        If any of your readers would like more information or to communicate with some of our registered students, I am happy to answer any question.

        Many thanks


          1. Hey I would like you for suggestions for high school related to perfumery and fragrance

  11. Hi laurie,
    im staying in Dubai and asking about best online perfumery corse learning me A-Z about that industry to be professional perfumer

  12. Hi Laurie,

    Thanks for the great info! Very interesting 🙂

    I am wondering whether you know a well-known experienced fragrance CHEMIST (any location) to be invited as a guest speaker to an educational setting environment and to share his/her experience with others.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Sara,
      I’m sorry, I don’t know someone to suggest for that. Perhaps you could contact some of the major fragrance manufacturing houses and ask them. Best wishes with it!

  13. Dear Laurie
    Very valuable info… thank you!
    We are an Afrikaans family living in Cape Town, South Africa. I homeschool my 4 x children.
    My eldest daughter, Zea, is now almost 15 years old. She is absolutely PASSIONATE about perfumes and perfume making.

    I would like to know what she needs to study to prepare her for a career in perfume making? In other words… what are the main subjects she needs while she is doing secondary schooling? And what course, degree etc. would you recommend she study to prepare her for a career in perfume making? I see you mentioned a chemistry degree… what chemistry degree and which subjects. She is very much interested in essential oils and natural stuff as well. Can you advise us on this?

    Kind Regards

    Suzanne Hattingh

  14. Hello my name is Tomas Prato, I live in Argentina. and my passion is the world of perfums. Here in Argentina, there are no schools to study about perfums. What do you reccomend to became a perfumist? do you know Any Courses in Spanish? Or you thinks it will a good idea to Travel to France or the USA to study a permumist carreer?

    thank you very much

    1. Hi Tomas,

      You might start by joining the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) perfume forum on basenotes. You can learn a lot there and if you ask your question there you may be able to find more information about courses in Spanish:

      You can also start some learning on your own through a group like that before you decide if it is really something you want to pursue. Good luck!

  15. Dear sir/mam plz create new desine special perfume for my agarbatti brand which deffrent smell in the India to other perfume who no.1 perfume smell
    Smell be quality and powerfull when one stick burn then smell spread very fastly till long distance just plz sir creat new perfume under 700/kg in ratio 4 kg dep and one kg perfume specialist for my agarbatti
    Jitendra kumar,

    1. Hi Jitendra,
      I don’t create formulas for other brands, only for my own line at the present, but there are many perfumers who will create formulas for other people. If you are looking for an indie perfumer who will do that kind of work, their websites will usually state that they can be hired to do formulation/scent design. If I were looking to find someone, I would read websites and then sample their lines to find someone who had a style that seemed to best fit my needs. The other alternative is to hire one of the large fragrance houses to design something for you. Best wishes to you!

    1. Hi Sheila,
      Making perfumes for yourself for fun is a fairly easy hobby to start. Making them to sell takes a larger investment of time and money, but it’s easy to start as a hobby to see if you like it. There are many resources online, like the basenotes group mentioned above and The Perfumer’s Apprentice mentioned above and a newer online store called Perfumer’s Supply House. There are also many stores to buy natural essential oils online, like Eden Botanicals and White Lotus Aromatics. It’s good to do a little research to be sure you use ingredients safely too; one book that is a classic is Robert Tisserand’s Essential Oil Safety. Have fun if you play around with some blending! 🙂

  16. Hello my name is Emil Acolatse. I am a full time chemist in the petroleum industry and I looking to acquire training to be come a perfumer and develop my own fragrance line. I live in the USA, PHILADELPHIA, NEW JERSEY REGION,and i was hoping to find any classes close to me. I was hoping to get some information to help me in my quest. Thank you very much,

  17. I just want to find out if theres any instiution you can recommend or know of in South Africa? Am interested in starting my own perfume manufacturing range.

  18. Hi Lauri E,

    I am Ronald from Dubai, Completed Secondary. My family is running a Perfume manufacturing company. So i want to study more about Perfume , especially about Chemist of perfumes. Any graduation, Courses, Classes or Diploma are available in UAE??

  19. Hi Laurie,

    Thanks for the wonderful blog. I am contacting you not as a student interested in learning perfume making but as a student of FLE ( Francais Langue Etrangere) in Lyon. I am working on a project to design study material of “French Language” for a Specific Objective for those interested in coming to France to study Parfumerie or as an intern in a Perfume House. I would to know from you, since you are an expert of this field, as a foreign student to France, in which all areas would the knowledge of French language be important.

    I really appreciate your assistance as I am finding it hard to decide which all topics to cover.
    Thanks a lot! My email is pankhuriwadhwa1@gmail.com.

  20. Hi I want to become a fragrance chemist. I would like to know if any schools in America maybe in Georgia or florida have these classes. If not can I take it online, because I want to make perfumes my career.

    1. Hi Bryttany,
      All the programs I am aware of are listed in the blog post above. You don’t necessarily need a chemistry degree to work in the fragrance industry, depending on what you want to do. Best wishes!

  21. Hi Laurie,
    I am going to graduate with my bachelors this april and I’m looking for a perfumery school that hire a trainee perfumer for no cost, do you know any school with free training?

    1. Hi Rosemarie,

      Congrats on your graduation! To my knowledge, the only perfumery schools that are free are the ones run by the major fragrance houses, but you must first be hired by the company before you can be admitted to their school. Their programs are only for employees and admission is very competitive. You could check with IFF, Givaudan, and Mane for more information.

      The other way to learn for free is to engage in self-study, which is what most indie perfumers have done. You can buy ingredients to smell, read books, and interact with other perfumers online. This does require some investment in materials and time.

      Good luck and best wishes to you!

      1. Thank you for you response laurie, I already applied at givaudan and I’m just waiting for the results. I really want to be a perfumer but I really can’t afford to study in a perfumery school or even a self study because of my expense in my bachelors.

  22. Hi, my name is Funmi Ogunde from Nigeria. I would really like to be a perfumer and I need all the help, advice and direction I can get. Please where do I start from, I am a total novice in this field and I would like to be a professional. This is a whole different & novel terrain in Nigeria. My email is fumsizzle@gmail.com. I look forward to a response from you !!! Thanks a whole lot.

  23. Hi
    any upcoming courses in New York City in December 2016! or Miami where am going to travel to.
    also I am interested in making the perfumed oil via steaming system, I am looking for training online or tools that I can buy ! and where I can collect the flowers and the materials to make the perfumed oils !

    Thank you so much for guidance.


    1. Hi Nahdi,
      I’ve listed all the resources that I know about. Not sure about courses specifically for Dec in NY or Miami. You might check with the Fragrance Foundation in NY to see if they know of anything for you (www.fragrance.org). You could also check with some east coast artisan perfumers to see if they have something in December. You might also consider online classes. Producing your own essential oils is another large subject. You might ask some natural artisan perfumers if they know of classes in distilling. If you google you can find resources like these:
      Good luck! 🙂

  24. Laurie E Thank you so much I will check those out and will update here ASAP.

    I really appreciate it.


  25. This was so interesting — thank you for sharing all the information! My interest in starting a perfume-related business is in retail: I would like to open a specialty boutique eventually, for niche and independent perfumeries. It would be interesting to read your thoughts on what artisans like you need and look for in a retailer.

  26. Glad you found the post interesting. That’s a big question about retail and I can’t speak for everyone, but I can give you some quick thoughts.

    First, I’d want a retailer who had a special interest in small indie and artisan brands. Second, I’d want someone whose focus was on creating a great brick-and-mortar experience for customers. I would not be interested in an online-only shop because I do better on my own website (I have USA online sales covered). I don’t offer a brick-and-mortar experience, so that would add value for me to have a place where people could go to sniff testers in person. The boutique’s location would be important. If the store did international shipping, that would be a plus too since that has been hard for me to do. Excellent customer service would be important to me. Most artisans also do not want their lines to be frequently or heavily discounted. They also can’t afford to send lots of free testers; the stores I have worked with have either paid a small amount for testers or have been conscious of not asking for an unreasonable number of free tester bottles from small brands. On the plus side for you, small brands will have lower minimums. When I was working with retailers, I did not mind at all if they wanted to start with just 5-6 bottles of each scent that they wanted to stock. I want customers to receive fresh bottles, so I’d rather retailers start small and then restock the scents that sell quickly for them. So working with small brands has some advantages too! 🙂

    You might also read the post I put up last night about running an artisan perfume business; it is aimed at perfumers rather than retailers but it might help you understand where we are coming from:

    Good luck with your venture!

  27. Hi I’m in Durban ,I would like to learn how make perfumes.Anyone with knowledge please help. My name is Oscar. Cont 0835054676

    1. Hi Oscar,
      You might join the Basenotes DIY online group and/or the Facebook Perfumemaking group. Both groups have lots of people at all stages of their perfumery education and you can learn a lot from participating. Good luck! 🙂

  28. Hey, thank you for the great info. But how to register or apply to Givaudan perfumery school? Actually the official web page has no application procedure or other instructions.

  29. Hello there ,
    Thanks a lot for the detail information. I really applicator the efforts you have put in here.
    I am sneha from India.
    I wish to start my own perfume brand in india. Could you please guide me if I have to do a n intense perfume making course like any long term course or doing a month long course is fine too? I would like to manufacture the perfumes for my brand from abroad and not from India. In this cas could you pleas advice me with what to go ahead with.
    Waiting for your reply.


    1. Hi Sneha,
      This is too big a question and too specific to your situation for me to be able to answer. There are too many possible ways for you to do this for me to advise you about which path is best for you (for example, you could hire a perfumer or you could spend 5 years or more learning perfumery yourself; you could work with a small indie perfumer or you could work with a large fragrance house, etc.). You might want to join some online perfumery groups and learn more so that you can find your own best path. The Basenotes DIY Forum and the Facebook Perfumemaking Group that I mentioned in my post are excellent ways to learn. Or, if you have the funds and just want to hire a fragrance house to do it all for you, you could contact some of them and get quotes, but I’d advise doing some market research first. Best wishes to you!

  30. This article is worth reading and would like to join the school in order to make the plan come true.. Thank you

  31. Hi Laurie,
    Thank you so much for this great post.
    I am delighted to share that Cinquieme Sens has expanded internationally in Benelux/Northern Europe and has a new training center in Amsterdam. The programs are offered in English (for details, please visit: https://5sne.com/en/).
    I am the Director of Cinquieme Sens Northern Europe. In case your readers are interested in receiving more information, I will be happy to answer any question.
    Fragrant wishes,

  32. Hi Laurie,
    I also have a 16 year old daughter (Sophomore in HS) passionate about perfumery for the past 5 years and creating her own fragrances and working off and on with a local indie perfumer in Seattle. She wants to begin studying more in depth. She also makes other body/beauty products…very interested in cosmetics as well. I would be so grateful if you could help guide me on summer opportunities for her…apprenticeship options….summer courses….thank you so much!

    1. Hi Kathleen,
      I’ve included all the classes etc. that I know about in the post above. I’m not aware of any summer apprentice programs for students other than the programs included above, but you could always email more indie perfumers in your area to inquire about their needs (maybe someone could use a summer intern). Best wishes to your daughter!

  33. hi Laurie!!

    we are glad to share with all of you the following Master Course in Niche Perfumery ( international edition ) imparted by Escuela de Perfumistas Beeflower.
    please, find attached teaching programme and general info.
    best regards from spain

  34. Hello, I am keen on pursuing the art of perfumery but have no clue where to start. I am not in a position to attend a course so I am wondering if anyone can recommend some books I could get started with. I did come across Ayala Moriel’s – Parfums Foundations of Natural Perfumery and was wondering if anyone has used it as a guide to making perfume. Any help and guidance would be gratefully received, Thanks, Layla

    1. Hi Layla,
      I am so sorry — I missed your post when you first left it a couple weeks ago. I have Ayala’s book and think it could be quite helpful to new perfumers. Mandy Aftel’s book Essence and Alchemy can be very helpful to newbies too. If you join the Facebook group called Perfumemaking, people there can give you opinions on those books and many more. They have already given lots of advice to people who are just starting perfumery, so if you join and then search on how to start, you’ll find lots of info. Good luck!

  35. Hi! I simply would like to give you a huge thumbs
    up for your great info you’ve got here on this post.
    I will be returning to your site for more soon.

  36. I discovered your website today and am delighted as for years I was using essential oils the way I was taught at school, in massage and skincare, but now I am venturing into creating perfumes with them for the pleasure of scent!

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