Labels, Sample Storage Idea, and Lieu de Reves review

New bottle update: I’m going ahead with the gold foil labels even though they are a little more involved to produce. They do look nice. As shown in the photo, I’m making the border a tad narrower than the previous picture I posted a week ago. I have the first small test batch of labels in hand and I’m starting to make more of the new bottles. I’m experimenting with ways to photograph them and discovering what works.

Blog review: There’s a nice review of Lieu de Reves today on Notes From The Ledge. Thanks Scentself! I think spring is a great time for Reves.

Sample storage: After a while most of us have to think about how to store our collections of fragrance samples. I’ve been using some plastic box organizers from the hardware store with multiple compartments meant for storing nails and such. I’ve heard some people use ammunition boxes with multiple compartments. I recently got a cool storage box from the Container Store and thought I’d share the link in case it helps someone. The disadvantage is that the samples can’t stand up, but the unit is nice because you can alphabatize the drawers and easily swap drawers around to reorganize if you need to add more space for some letters/categories. If you use the dividers in the small drawers (or make your own dividers with inexpensive leftover cardboard as I did), you’ll get two compartments per drawer that are the perfect length for laying down 1 ml sample vials. It may bring pleasure to the organizing nerd in you, lol.

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  1. Yikes – Laurie! You mean you/or the assistant will have to hand-cut every label? That sounds like a pretty messy job…

    So when do you think the new bottles will go on the shelf now that you seem to have settled for a label solution?

    That’s a nice write up by Scentself. I’ve been thinking about LdR lately. Your pretty florals don’t get enough exposure, IMO. It really is a lovely fragrance for the “carefree” days and for wearing those pretty, flowing dresses!

    1. Hi Ann,

      I can cut a sheet of labels at a time so that makes it a little more efficient but still not ideal. Next time I do a bottle purchase (not for a while), I’ll look into screen printing right on the bottle.

      I will probably start with four or so scents in the new bottles and gradually switch them all over. First will be Incense Pure, Winter Woods, and Tabac Aurea because those are so popular. Champagne should also be high on the list but I may do a floral first instead since it is summer, probably Rose Musc and/or Reves. I’ll work my way through all of them and switch out the photos on the website too as I go. I just tried photographing with a white background this morning and that is probably better. I hope to have at least four on the site in new bottles by early July (only a few weeks away now).

      Thanks on Reves! 🙂

  2. Lovely review, Laurie! In fact, I see reviews of your line almost everywhere npw, and I always pitch in my two cents’ worth….

    And how could we lie without our regular trips to The Container Store?????

  3. If I paid attention I wouldn’t have typos all over the place………..ah yes, but maybe we DO ‘lie’ with our trips to The Container Store…..

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