Kilo lust and update on new scents

If you think it’s bad to lust after bottles of perfume, it is worse lusting after ingredients that only come in 25 kilo minimum purchases.¬† ūüôā¬†¬† A 25 kilo purchase all of one ingredient¬†is too much for me at this stage.¬† So when I sample an¬†item like this and fall in love with it, I need to look for alternatives that are available in smaller amounts or go in with other perfumers on a bigger purchase than any one of us needs on our own.¬† I spent a lot of time today investigating alternative sources for one such item.

I made some progress on Lieu de Reves and Gardenia Musk and think both are ready for initial testing.¬† Lieu de Reves has orris, heliotrope, violet, sandalwood, vetiver, amber, myrrh, and musk.¬† It starts out dry but has an almost gourmand woodsy heliotrope drydown after the orris notes fade.¬† It seems like a nice comfort scent to me.¬† Gardenia Musk has gardenia, jasmine, and musk in a soft (not heady) floral musk scent.¬† Some of the lactonic components make it feel summery.¬† I’m not sure if it’s done yet but like this so far.

I finished some painstaking work in PhotoShop but have more to go.¬† I broke down and bought the latest upgrade so I’m hoping the new tools will make selections in photos easier.

The musk packages are on their way to the next people; so far not enough data to say anything except that everyone is different and maybe the safest thing to do as a perfumer is to use a blend of musks to be sure at least one is smelled by most people.¬† I find that strategy hard though because the musks are¬†all different and I’d rather use the most appropriate ones for the scent.¬†

The weather and smoke has been much better the last few days!  I planted my new mandevilla vine and hope it will be happy.

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  1. “If you think it‚Äôs bad to lust after bottles of perfume, it is worse lusting after ingredients that only come in 25 kilo minimum purchases. :)” LOL! And we bottle purchasers think we have it bad! Thanks for today’s smile.

  2. I still fret about my full bottle perfume purchases because I know I can’t use up full bottles, but the kilo stuff gets even more crazy. I can’t imagine 25 kilos yet, and it comes in huge drums that I could never lift. I found an equivalent for the current item, but I’ll have to pay an extra $100 per kilo to get it by the kilo instead of by the drum. Gotta have it though; too nice an ingredient to pass up. ūüôā

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