Interview on Fragrantica

Fragrantica just published an interview with me today, asking me about various perfume-making topics and offering a sneak preview review of Tabac Aurea:


Thanks very much to Suzy for putting the story together and making the interview so fun, and thanks to Elena for putting such lovely images with the story.

I had a chance to sniff Hilde Soliani’s tobacco scent Bell’ Antonio yesterday, and it’s quite different from the one I’m working on (which is always good for variety!).  Hers is a very rich and woodsy, slightly smoky, tabac scent with a light coffee note.   It’s more masculine than mine, though hers has been a big hit with both men and women.  I like that it’s dry, smoky, and woodsy but doesn’t smell like cigarette smoke.  The tobacco note is quite strong though, so you’d need to love tabac to enjoy it.  Mine is more of a sweet pipe tobacco scent with woods and leather.  I like both.

Things are really busy right now.  I’m keeping up with orders but turn-around is a day or two before shipping out.

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  1. I’ve just finally had the time to catch up on my blog-reading and I really enjoyed that interview! Even though we’ve corresponded a number of times, I found out so much more about you and your inspirations by reading that. I must say, one of your scent memories in particular – “Horseback riding: leather, oats, alfalfa, hay, cedar shavings, dust, pungent green grass in the early morning dew, and ultra tart green apples I’d share with my horse from the trees at the barn (I took the first couple of bites and he got the rest). ” – sounds so lovely! What a wonderful scent that would make 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Gail! I love so many scents from the barn, and yes, some grouping of those could be a pretty fragrance, as long as you leave out the fly spray and fish oil hoof lube, lol!

    Glad you enjoyed the interview. 🙂

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