Incense Pure Review on Katie’s Blog

Katie Puckrik reviewed Incense Pure on her blog today; it’s a fun read as her reviews always are, weaving in her stories as she goes. Most of you have already seen her excellent YouTube fragrance reviews, but if you haven’t checked those out yet you should!

She liked Incense Pure and enjoyed the oudoorsy aspect, wearing it on a trip to Vasquez Rocks. She mentions the intense frankincense blast at the start, and that’s probably a good heads up for people. Feedback from testers on that issue ranged from “I love the bite of the frankincense at the opening” to “I love the drydown but don’t even bother to sniff the first 3 minutes.” I tried to soften that start in a number of ways but ended up living with it because the payoff was good enough to me, and the frankincense fans told me not to worry about it. Anyway, if the start is a bit much for you, give it a few minutes to settle down and you will probably like it much more. Thanks for the great review Katie! I’m really happy that people have been enjoying Incense Pure and that it’s doing so well.

I have a little update on the white floral progress. I have a floral top and sandalwood drydown that are working together nicely now. I had to remove the OB note to make the drydown into something I like. I’d prefer to pull up the floral aspect a little more because this is a woodsy floral with sandalwood and a bit of oakmoss and orris, but I like what I have here. It has lots of jasmine, some gardenia and tuberose, and a little bit of iris and ylang. The base is sandal, orris, cedar, amber, tonka, vanilla, beeswax, and oakmoss. It’s more of a classic woodsy floral scent rather than a breezy summery scent, so unless I change that I’m not sure the BB name is a perfect fit. I will finish this before deciding on the name. I’m happy that the top and base are finally flowing together the way I’d wanted. I have a few more things to try with it and need to keep wearing it.

My new cap press won’t arrive until Monday, but meantime I’m working on labels. I’ll try to get a photo tonight that I can post.

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