Happy Halloween!

Sending wishes for a fun evening if you are celebrating! Sounds like my nieces will hang up their cat costumes after several years and be witches this year. Today is a lovely fall day here with clear blue sky so we should have good weather for tonight’s activities.

I worked on Encens Tranquille last night and made a lot of progress. I was able to incorporate the new labdanum as well as the new moss. I tried the new wood absolute but am not convinced yet. On the other hand, I added an incensy amber ingredient that is quite nice with it. The original used a green oakmoss rather than the brown one that I used in most of my other fragrances, and I’m suspicious that the old green oakmoss was doctored with a wee bit of guaiacwood because it sure smells that way when I compare. I can make the new ET more like the old by adding a bit of guaiac, but I actually like it best with less smokiness than the original. I’m also trying with and without elemi. I should have some testers for ET next week.

I’ll add the shea body cream back to the site within the next few days, and I need to get back to Bouquet Blanche….

Happy Halloween! 🙂

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