Fun Vintage Find

My SIL went to an estate sale with a friend and found this vintage Piguet sample set dated 1964, practically free. I’ve always loved Fracas parfum (but not the edt). I’ve tried the remakes of Visa and Baghari and didn’t fall for either one, but I’ll enjoy trying the originals. I tried the Calypso vintage sample in this set and it’s lovely. The remake is just out now so I’ll have to get a sample to compare. Here’s a review of Calypso on Perfumeshrine.

The flyer with the set is fun too. It notes that Bandit is “No perfume for a child!” lol. Also says Fracas is “the woman you want to be” and Baghari “puts the purr in perfume.” Although dated, it’s tame compared to current ad copy. Also love those 1964 prices.

Hope you’re having a great labor day weekend! I’m enjoying a visit with my brother and his family. The girls are back in school — summer goes so quickly!

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  1. What a wonderful, amazing find!
    I have been dying to try Fracas vintage,
    I troll around evilbay all the time for it as I’ve read it is much richer and smoother than the current available.
    What fun! Thanks for the info and pics! 🙂

    1. Hi Tamara,

      I have a Fracas parfum mini from ebay and the scent is very nice — smooth, warm, spicy, and much closer to the skin than the edt. The Fracas edt I’ve tried was too strong and harsh for me, but the parfum is totally different. Don’t know how the vintage parfum varies from the current though.

      Calypso is pretty! Need to try it again…

    1. So far I’ve just tried Calypso on skin and really liked it. From the vials, the old Fracas smells even better than my newer parfum mini, the old Visa smells too animalic for me but I’ll try it to see, and the old Baghari smells wonderful and quite different than the new, which didn’t quite work for me. The old Bandit is over the top leather, lol. It’s fun to smell but I wouldn’t wear it around anyone (the new one is not quite right for me either though — my favorite vintage leather that I’ve sampled is Doblis). Looking forward to trying the old Baghari on skin.

  2. What a great find! I’m sure you’ll get some great inspiration from these. The current RP’s I’ve tried have been harsh, and frankly smelled kind of cheap. I bet these are beautiful though.

    Happy holiday and enjoy your company!

    1. Thanks Donna! So far my favorite and best vintage find is a Mitsouko parfum mini that is just wonderful stuff. It’s amazing these little samples are in such great shape after 50 years. Being in their box probably helped a lot.

      1. Well, just tried the old Visa and Baghari on skin and they do have some damage. First 30 min are off, but after that you can tell more about what they once were. The Visa has a leather note that goes more animalic than I like. Baghari has animalic notes too but in this old sample they aren’t taking over like they did in the old Visa sample. The old Baghari has some fruity notes and a pretty base with a vetiver note that survived well — I think I would have liked the original when it was fresher without the aging damage.

    1. Yes, I should have been more clear. They just recently came out with remakes, new formulations, for Visa and Baghari. I wasn’t wild about them, but they’ve been fairly popular so are worth trying if the notes sound good to you. Samples of the Calypso remake will be out soon and I want to try that one.

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