Friday update

I have two lines of amber testers going: one that adds cistus to Ambre Noir and makes a few other adjustments, and one that goes farther afield and adds some saffron and tobacco as well as the cistus.  The first seems much better now, and I’m playing with the rose note to see if I want to keep it as is or modify it.  The second needs some softening blending notes.  I think I should be able to finish the first one and have it be the Ambre Noir tweak.  The second may take a little longer since I put something in it that I won’t have in stock (other than a sample) for a few weeks. 

I’m also working on ET.  I haven’t had time to get back to that but plan to see what changes to make to increase lasting power while still decreasing the sandalwood note a tad.   I’ll try it this weekend.  You can find more discussion of ET in the comments of the November 28 Ambre Noir post below.

People are placing their holiday gift orders, which is good because that gives plenty of shipping time.  Shipping always takes a little longer than usual this time of year when the USPS gets busy.  My poor UPS man is already coming at 8 pm with my deliveries because his route is taking so long (this happens every year in Nov/Dec since I am at the very end of the route).  He’s a sweetie though and very reliable.

There’s a fun little article in Elle written by someone who took a fragrance appreciation class at the Parisian institute Cinquième Sens (link from NST today).

I’ll update again on AN and ET and will be trying to generate some testers as soon as I can.

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