Friday Roundup

The new perfume boxes just arrived and are beautiful! Yay! It’s good to have this long project completed. These are the black and gold boxes that will now ship with all 17 ml and 34 ml bottles. I’ll add a photo to the site soon, but I gave a preview on the blog about a month ago.

The majority of people who are testing the new fig scents are giving thumbs up to the most recent mod, so I’ll be testing it in lotion/cream today. I want to get the shea cream on the site next week, and I’d love for the fig to be ready too. Will see how that goes. I’m still working on the other new scents too. Lots of things in progress but slow going on some of them.

If you’ve wondered about the difference between amber accords and ambergris, there are two excellent posts on Bois de Jasmin that will help clear it up for you: one post on ambergris and one on amber. Natural ambergris is very rare in perfumes today. The only perfume I can remember smelling with an authentic natural ambergris note is Parfum Prive by Mandy Aftel, a beautiful scent with a golden musky warmth to the base that is quite special.

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    1. Thank you Bellatrix! Spent yesterday scaling up and adjusting the formula. I want to finally test it in lotion today. I expect it to work fine but it’ll be good to confirm.

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