Fragrance Event in Washington D.C. November 13


For those who can get to Washington D.C. on November 13, there will be a fragrance event with a chance to meet perfumers Calice Becker, Christopher Diienno, and Heather Sims. The event is open to the public, but you need to RSVP (I will follow up to ask how they want you to RSVP). The event is being put on by the International Fragrance Association North America; they have been working to educate congress about the fragrance industry and the artistry of perfumery. Sounds like the event could be fun!

Here is the press release I received:

“Ever wondered how classical music, 80’s rock or today’s pop translates into a perfume? Join award-winning perfumers and the International Fragrance Association, North America (IFRA NA) on November 13th from 5-7 on Capitol Hill to experience these fragrances for yourself, enjoy cocktails and meet the perfumers behind some of the world’s most popular scents. Inspired by music, our perfumers are creating new and unique scents especially for this evening of music, scents, and senses.

Perfumer Calice Becker has designed the scent representing classical music. Calice has been the nose behind some of the biggest perfume blockbusters of the past two decades, including Christian Dior’s J’Adore and Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy Girl. Perfumer Christopher Diienno used Depeche Mode, New Order and The Cure as the inspiration to create a scent representing 1980’s rock and perfumer Heather Sims has created a scent to correspond with Justin Timberlake’s recent Suit and Tie album.

The perfumers and Jennifer Abril, President, International Fragrance Association North America will be available for interviews during and after the event.”

Editing to add an update: This event was covered by Mark at Cafleurebon, who attended.

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