Formula Trials

I’m still working on lots of formulas, trying new ideas to push them in the directions I want them to go.  I have to keep switching scents each day to work on something different and keep fresh.   I’ll talk more about the scents I’m working on, but not yet so I don’t jinx them.   Still getting great feedback on the new Wood Violet and hope to have that ready to go next week.

I received shipment of a few new ingredients.  One is a myrrh resin that is sweeter than the two myrrhs I’ve been using; it has an almost ambery hint to it and should be fun to try. 

I had a nice, though short, visit with family on Sunday.  I wish I had some family members interested in scent but I have to rely on testers outside the family.  I do feel very lucky to have so many wonderful people willing to help test, but it’d be fun to have someone right here too.  (Nothing like instant feedback!)

It’s been very windy here in the afternoons.  I have a front porch that’s protected from the wind and makes a perfect spot to go sit and sniff test new blends.  Will be at it again tomorrow.  🙂


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