Forest Walk Review on EauMG, and some fun links

Yesterday Forest Walk was reviewed on EauMG — thanks, Victoria!

A few days ago on Bois de Jasmin, Victoria Frolova posted a beautifully photographed story about her visit to Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands. She captured images of fields of dazzling tulips and hyacinths. Do check it out if you are a garden lover.

In light of the restrictions being placed on fragrance ingredients, including many naturals, it is always nice to see some good press about the effects of natural aromatic ingredients. A component of myrrh has been found to have anti-cancer action, and researchers are studying whether it can be used clinically. Frankincense is also being studied for anti-cancer activity.

Today is the artisan fragrance salon in Seattle. Some of my friends are showing there and I hope it goes well!

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  1. Fantastic! i have been thinking about Forest Walk lately as summer is approaching…this review inspired a purchase for sure :D!!!

    I was aware of the healing properties of frankicense with skin cancer…but did not know about myrrh….good news for someone like me who loves essential oils…thanks for sharing Laurie!

    1. I think the myrrh discovery is more recent than the frankincense. It’s always good to hear of these positive effects of aromatic essential oils. Many have antibacterial properties and are being used to offer natural alternatives for antibacterial soaps (like the Clean Well line), and we all know the relaxing effects essential oils can have. I hope the positives receive some attention too, and not just the allergen potential (which can be addressed with labeling rather than banning).

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