Fifi awards voting

The Fifi awards have a Consumer’s Choice Fragrance of the Year Award this year so that consumers can vote for their favorite men’s and women’s scents out of all the nominees in all the categories. You can follow this link to cast your vote anytime before midnight May 12th. Because Mandy Aftel has three scents nominated in the Indie Fragrance category, those three Aftelier fragrances are also listed as choices in the consumer’s choice category. Mandy has requested that people vote for her Honey Blossom rather than her other two nominees (Candide and Lumiere) to give her a better chance. This is the first time a truly indie small business has been up for a Fifi, as well as the first time a natural perfumer has been nominated. I love both Candide and Honey Blossom. Mandy has done so much for natural perfumery and indie perfumery in general — this recognition is well deserved. You might want to visit the link to view the nominees and cast your votes (you’ll be asked to register your email first).

Update: There was an error in that link that I posted late last night but I have now fixed it (7 am Friday morning); I apologize for that!

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