Fall Favorites

Lieu de Reves got a mention today on the top 10 fall favorites list on NST. Thanks Jessica!

It’s really tough for me to pick a top 10 fall list because so many of my favorites are fall/winter (and many overlap both seasons). Here are some of my fall faves though:

Annick Goutal Heure Exquise
Gucci L’Arte di Gucci
Francis Kurkdjian Lumiere Noire Pour Femme
Guerlain Parure
Sonoma Scent Studio Winter Woods
Parfums DelRae Bois de Paradis
Chanel 22
Chanel Bois des Iles
Serge Lutens La Myrrhe
Les Parfums de Rosine Poussière de Rose
Caron Parfum Sacre extrait

Some other rich scents, like Fumerie Turque, Nahema, Sacrebleu, Fireside Intense, Coco, POTL, and Tabac Aurea come out in winter for me rather than fall. Know I’ll think of more….

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  1. Interesting that you wear Winter Woods in the fall! I’m saving that one for true winter, or at least a day where it doesn’t get into the 50s. I’ve been wearing Tabac Aurea though.

    1. I end up wearing Winter Woods whenever I batch it, both fall and winter. Most days I wear whatever new scent I’m testing, but I try to save time to hit my fall/winter favorites at least a couple times each. Days below the 50s are pretty rare here!

  2. Hello my dear! I love alot on your list-
    I also enjoy Gucci L’Arte di Gucci edp
    Lumiere Noire Pour Femme, vtg.Guerlain Parure and Bois de Iles!

    I need to smell Chanel 22,SL La Myrrhe and Poussiere de Rose.
    I can’t do Bois de Paridis. I’m truly jealous that you don’t get under 50 days! It’s cold and rainy already where I live.
    But it does make for some glorious heavy perfume wearing 😉

    It’s no small feat that your LdR made a fall list,
    it’s amazing and delicious!
    I love it and now want a FB of it!
    I’m just waiting(LEMMING!) patiently for it to be ready. 🙂

    Hope your feeling better my dear.<3


    1. hi T! Bois de Paradis is is a tricky one for many people but it happens to work for me. Bet you’d like 22, though the current version is apparently different. The Reves that made the top 10 fall list is the original. The tester you liked is the new one coming up. I’ll keep both and need a new name for the new one.

  3. Hmm… one I’ve been wearing alot this Fall, and conspicuous by its absence from *your* list 😉 is Incense Pure. I am seriously thinking about wearing that during the Perfume Posse 7 Day Challenge. I think it would be fun to explore its changing moods for an entire week straight.

    1. I love IP too, but we spend so much time batching IP, WW, and TA that I wear them a lot by default. When I want something different I reach for another line, and those are some of my favorites. I only need little decants but it’s fun to have variety. Winter Woods is one that I make sure to wear in fall even if I happen to not get enough of it during batching — it just fits fall for me.

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