Curbing sweetness

Just working on a scent where I need to cut the sweetness a bit and sometimes it is hard to do while keeping the basic scent the same.  Some balsamic items like salicylates can cut sweetness, but I don’t like them in this.  I already have some dry woods in here, but the sweet spices, sweet musks, and sweet Javanol (a nice sandalwood chem) make it a little sweeter than I want.  I have an aldehyde and some citrus in it, and those help.  Also some hedione.  Patchouli would help, but I don’t like it in this.  Ambroxan can help.  So, that’s what I’m doing tonight, adjusting and sniffing for sweetness.

Took a brief chance to try a new scent: un Parfum d’Ailleuro et Fleurs by The Different Company.  The first half hour is a very pretty floral with neroli and tuberose over musk, but then the florals fade and it becomes a very soft floral musk.  It’s pretty but not sure the lasting power is enough for me.  I’ll need to try again with fresher skin.

Vintage Rose will be the first of the three new scents to go on the list as soon as I finish the page for it, and it should be followed shortly by Wood Violet.  Will get that done soon.

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