Checking in briefly…

I’ve been working on some product photos in Photoshop to remove the backgrounds; it’s a challenge to get the edges smooth and is going slower than I’d hoped.  I’ve not done much blending this week so hope to do that this weekend.

I did get to try a sample of Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel today and enjoyed it.  Pyramus had mentioned it during the discussion the day of the sample draw on the blog.  It has a lot of violet but keeps from going too sweet, which is hard to do with that much ionone content.  The green notes help cut sweetness but it’s not overly green at all.  Glad I got to try it.

Our heat wave broke last night and we’re getting back to normal. I’ll revisit the Gardenia Musk tomorrow.  I received a sample of an even higher cis hedione than the high cis I’ve been using and it’ll be interesting to see if it makes a big difference in florals. The higher cis versions let you get more jasmine effect without the damping down that the higher trans content versions have.

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