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I wanted to check in — I’ve been taking time off while healing my arm, but I’m here if you need to email me. I’m looking forward to getting back to blending as soon as I can.

The Purple Paper Planes blog just started a special series today on perceptions about beauty; various people in the perfume world are answering seven questions about how we define and experience beauty. It will be interesting to see the range of answers. Today one of my favorite bloggers, Suzanne of Suzanne’s Perfume Journal, gave her responses to the questions. I was asked to participate in the series and will let you know when my answers are posted (I already turned them in). I wonder how you would answer the questions!

I thought this was an interesting story: Elle, Cosmo, and Marie Claire will distribute two vial samples of liquid perfume in the November issues (not in the magazines on newsstands, but just the magazines mailed to subscribers). They say it’s the first time vials have gone out with magazines instead of just paper strip samples. The samples will be Marc Jacobs Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh, which seems like an odd choice, especially for November. I’m guessing they’ll need to send the mags ORM-D surface mail because of the alcohol. I’ll be curious to see if they deem this experiment to be successful. Maybe they’ll become more adventurous with their sample choices over time; I’d think that new releases might be included in this type of campaign.

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  1. Fille en Aiguilles for me has nothing to do with winter. It seems more to me like when the summer is at its hottest and you are out in the forest and the wind picks up a little and you get that scent of really sappy resin about to just goo right out of the trees. And the pine needles you are stepping on are letting off their fragrance from being squished under foot. I like wearing it in summer!

    1. Hi Nancy! I tried Fille en Aiguilles a few years ago and thought it seemed more like a forest in summer too — quite piney! (Not sure if you meant that comment to go in another post?)

  2. Thanks for the link Laurie. And I am so sorry to hear about your arm. Hope you are better. Hugs!
    And your responses will go up next week- I will email you when I put the post up.:)

  3. Oh, yay!!! I’m so excited to hear that you participated in Lavanya’s beauty survey, too, Laurie. I’ll look forward to reading your answers.

    (And thank you for your very sweet comment and link. You made my day, truly.) πŸ™‚

    Here’s wishing you continued healing with your arm. Have you been able to relax on your porch? I think that would be good medicine, so to speak. (Because I know you love to be outdoors, and that’s the way I am too. I think sunshine and time to rest is the the cure for anything.) πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Suzanne! Yes, I always try to get out on these early fall days because they are so beautiful here. The afternoon light in Sept/Oct is just gorgeous. I’m collecting the last of the tomatoes and starting a new round of lettuce. It was a tough year for the roses (gophers and heat); I may need to replace a few.

      I loved your description of beauty as including qualities of uniqueness or even a little quirkiness to make something memorable. That’s true for me too but I hadn’t thought to put it into words. Will be interesting to read the rest of the series. πŸ™‚

  4. Is your arm completely out of commission at the moment or can you do a few things? Whatever the case, take your time healing. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re good to go and then re-injuring yourself.

    1. I can use it down at the level of my waist but can’t raise my arm up right now. The tentative diagnosis was an injury to the deltoid because the worst pain is in my upper arm on the outer side where the deltoid attaches. It’s been steadily but very slowly improving, so I don’t think it’s more serious, but I’ll get in for tests if it doesn’t heal. I had been using lots of ice the first few weeks but have switched to heat now, except for ice when it hurts. I’ll get in for some PT soon if needed, but up til now I’ve just been waiting for it to calm down (was hard to sleep etc). It’s starting to let me move it a bit more w/out that stabbing pain, and it doesn’t hurt anymore when it is still, so I do think it’s healing.

      1. Sounds like you must have torn something. That’ll take a while to heal up. πŸ™ I’m glad you’re seeing a little improvement. I’m sure it must be frustrating to have such limited use of it. I hope it feels better soon.

  5. Laurie, I’m sorry to hear that your arm is healing slowly (but I hope it keeps improving).

    I like the idea of Lavanya’s series but since I’m still thinking about my answers I can’t read what others say. I’ll read all of the posts after I’m done.

    It’s an interesting idea about vials with perfumes in magazines. I hope they will come up with good unbreakable vials and will distribute better perfumes in time.

    1. Thanks, Julia!

      It takes a lot of thought to answer Lavanya’s questions — I could keep thinking about those indefinitely!

      I wonder how much vial breakage they’ll have too (my vial breakage rate is really low, so maybe they’ll be ok). I’ve read discussions about whether sealed moist towelettes would work, or encapsulated microspheres etc. I hope someone who gets the magazines will let us know how they packaged the samples.

  6. So glad that you are taking the time you need to heal up in good order πŸ™‚

    I’m interested to see what the outcome of the “perfume vials in the magazine” experiment is (though admittedly less interested in the perfumes selected themselves).

    1. Thanks, Lizzy! I’ll be curious to see how that experiment goes too. I’ve heard people wish for real samples before, so it’s interesting that the magazines are actually trying it out.

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