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The smokiness in the air was a little better today, though we didn’t have blue sky yet.  We had a bit of a breeze that may have helped reduce the thickness of the smoke, and maybe the fires are getting more under control and that’s contributing to the improvement too.

I worked on orders and gave a quick try to the L’Artisan scent L’Ete un Douce.  I love many from the L’Artisan line, but this one wasn’t a perfect fit for me.  It’s summery and very well done, but more clean than I usually like.

The first two musk package sniffers are testing away and we’ll get the packages sent off to the next two people when they’re done.

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  1. After weeks of upper 90’s to low 100’s temperatures, we finally have had rain here for almost 24hrs straight now. Maybe there’s hope for California too? Will hope for the best!

    Just have two more to sample!

  2. Yes, we have some blue sky today! Still hazy, but so much better to see the blue after nearly a week of gray smoke. Smells much better outside too. Our temps are quite nice, in the 80’s. Glad you’re cooling off a bit!

    Looking forward to hearing what you think of the musk ingreds! 🙂

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