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I sent out a few Reves2 samples to testers and have had good feedback so far. I want to send out some more soon, and I’m just wearing it more myself after taking a few days off from it. I’m hoping testers will have some name ideas.

I’m working again on the winter scent and trying a new oakmoss product in it. I just received samples last week of two new synth moss products by Firmenich — an oakmoss and a treemoss. They are made with a combination of natural and synth ingredients but with no natural moss. I like both better than Givco synth oakmoss (which I don’t use) but neither is exactly like real moss. They’re very nice though and will help when used in combination with natural moss. They both seem to have some Evernyl in them (a common synth moss) but they are more complex blends and feel more natural to me than straight Evernyl. I think we’ll continue to see development of ingredient replacements as companies try to create substitutes for some of the ingredients that IFRA has restricted so severely. It’s interesting to see what comes along.

I bet people had lots of fun at the Sniffa in NY this last weekend. It rained here quite a bit over the weekend and really feels like the seasons have totally switched gears.

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  1. Sorry to be so slow getting back to you, I tried the chypre sample you sent me and I really like it! Will have to think some more about a name for it…

    1. Hi Tara, I’m making more changes and will send an update. I’m blank on names but hope the final version will inspire me.

      Am feeling very bummed at the moment. Just got back from round two of root canal and both the dentist and endo specialist said tooth root is so weird the odds of saving it are low. I’m trying to get in to see oral surgeon asap. This will slow me down more for a bit, sigh.

      1. Oh dear – So sorry to hear about the tooth situation. Does that mean root canal can’t be completed?
        Definitely think the name for the “new” Reves should not stray too far from the original. It really IS a variation on a theme! I’ll try to think up some other names for you…
        Wish I could have attended the Sniffa – but wouldn’t you know it – Saturday was one of my opera subscription days and this one was LONG – running from 12 – 4:30, which means I would have missed out on most of the good events. Oh well, if they have these annually in NYC, I can always shoot for next year.
        Take care, Laurie!

  2. hi Ann! Sounds like you had a good weekend anyway!

    Yes, even the endodontist gave the tooth low odds so we opted out of finishing after getting half way and not being able to deal with the root structure without losing the integrity of the tooth. Will have it extracted soon, possibly Friday.

    We’re talking about two different naming issues. Reves2 needs a name and so will the new one. I like to wait until I’m done to pick the final name, but usually I have more of an idea by now. Suggestions on either are welcome, though that’ll be easier when they’re done.

  3. Through a series of really bizarre coincidences I found your site, and taking the leap of faith that anyone who does not have the gift of online olfactory sensatation,I went on the reviews. I ordered the winter woods. It is amazing. Thank you for formulating this scent, even my sons are enchanted. May your seasons be merry and bright…

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