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I’v been skin testing my last Bouquet Blanc mod and am pleased with it. I think I can send some testers out soon. I’m trying a couple little variatons but the overall balance seems good. Maybe it’ll come out in time for Australian spring, lol.

I tried a sample of the new Tauer LOTV and like it — the LOTV note is not at all the harsh chemical type and the base has nice soft amber and woods notes with a touch of leather.  It’s an interesting green floral with a soft amber/woods base that is totally different from classic LOTV scents like Diorissimo but is instead a different take on the theme.  I’ll be curious to hear how it does for others.  (Edited to add: It’s scarily strong when you open the vial and a drop will do you. My whole sample bag smells of it even though I got four other samples in that bag as well. Potent. )

I’m resting my wrists and it’ll be a while longer. Making progress but I pushed them too far to have a quick recovery this time. Frustrating but just the way it goes sometimes. I’ve been cleaning up my workspaces and putting the time to good use. Will be nice to be more organized.  I’ll report back on BB, and I’ll get back to Opal too.

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  1. Well, spring might be on its way in my part of south-east Australia. There will many more cold days yet, but the nights are not so cold now. And there is a tree around the corner from my place that is already covered in deep pink blossom. It is one of those loopy, crazy trees that insist on popping open their blossom weeks ahead of the more wiser, more cautious trees. Wonderful to see.

    1. Hi Anne! I ship frequently to Australia so I’m much more aware of your seasons now. Enjoy your first sign of spring with those blossoms! 🙂

  2. Take your time and get well but I have to tell you – YAYYYYY!

    I have been longing for Opal for awhile and I’m happy to read that she is coming back for the upcoming fall/winter because it is one of my most beloved comfort scents.<3<3
    Thank you for creating her Laurie.

    I cannot wait to try BB and order some more Voile de Violette and Tabac Aurea since I'm out of both.

    Need to get your new sprayers also , the screw on and off tops will help me make samples for my PPP's (perfume pen pals)
    and it's difficult to do that when your arthritus is wreaking havoc on your hands.
    I think and hope that yours will be much easier on me!

    Take care 🙂

    Tamara Jackson

    1. Thanks Tamara! I hope the screw cap tops help you too! I do find them easier. I think I’ll need to put some choices for Opal out for a vote after I work on it a bit more.

      1. Oooo I’m sure you don’t need any extra smellers for Opal
        but if you would let me I would love to ‘try’ out the new version!

        Just sayin’ 😉

        Take care!


  3. If it comes out in time for an Australian spring I’ll be very happy! I hate winter (such as it is here) and am looking forward to some warmer weather. A new SSS fragrance would be the icing on the cake!

  4. Progress?! Hurray!!!! (Jumps up and down)
    Can’t wait to see how much BB has changed since last Fall.
    Are you getting any PT work on your wrists? Maybe they will help strengthen and aid in their recovery.
    BIG HUG from the East Coast!

  5. Hi Laurie,

    I too have been waiting for BB to be finished. I have #26 from your beginnings with it which I loved and I know the finished will be different and I can’t wait to try it!!! Hope everything starts to mend soon for you.


  6. Hi Laurie,

    I’m glad that you’re starting to feel a little better. I think you’re right to go easy. As frustrating as it is, resting your wrists as much as possible is the best way to recover. Tendonitis can be stubborn!

    I’m also happy to hear that you plan to reformulate Opal. Several people on MakeupAlley were sad to hear that it was out-of-stock. I cherish my bottle, but I know that you’ll do a great job with the reformulation.

    Take care!

    1. Hi Ann,

      Thanks! Stubborn is right!

      I’m lucky to have my assistant right now. I can still make a little progress on blending and testing, and that will help me be more patient.

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