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I’ve been too busy to work on gardenia for about a week, but I left off at an interesting point and just picked it up again tonight. I’m always amazed how much good it does to put something down for a week after intensely working on it for many days — it really wakes up your nose and helps you smell it fresh.

Over the weekend I tried the lavender formula in the new lotion; I’m hoping to put the lotion on the site this weekend. I also made some 5 ml tester sprays to have here, and I’m wondering if these black 5 ml purse sprays would be a good idea for the site during the holidays. Two fit perfectly in one of the black perfume boxes, so a set of two (in different scents) might make a nice option. I’ll post a photo of them soon and will ask for some opinions.

I thought this was an interesting post on achieving harmony in fragrance:


When people are new to fragrance, they need time to learn how notes evaporate and reveal the next layer underneath, and how each phase needs to harmonize as the scent evolves, and how the phases themselves need to form a cohesive picture.  I always hope people will give scents a little time to develop and not judge by the first 10 minutes.  I was helping someone just recently and was worried because she wanted to pick a scent just by sniffing them from the vials and they change too much after wearing them to make that an effective method.  This post by Octavian brings up some interesting things to consider about the way scents evolve as you wear them and how perfumers can achieve harmonious compositions.

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  1. Hi Laurie,
    It sounds like you’re responding to the needs of the perfumistas in the blogosphere with these combined mini spray packagings! That’s a great idea to sell in pairs. It would be nice to offer up “recommended pairings” of your scents, then ultimately let the customer decide.
    I like the fact that Octavian has been comparing perfume and the art of perfume making with musical compositions and structures. Certainly Annick Goutal was inspired by the relationship between scent and musical composition to make the transition from being a musician into becoming a perfumer.
    So glad you’re coming back to Gardenia. Hope you’re still happy with the direction it’s heading in.
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Hi Ann!

    I’ll post some pics of those 5 ml and figure out what pricing would need to be. The small sizes don’t make sense by the ml but sometimes people enjoy the variety anyway. Probably makes sense for the stronger scents where 5 ml goes a long way.

    Yes, I enjoyed that series by Octavian too. Many of the points in that post make sense whether thinking in terms of music or just in terms of scent, but musical analogies are often compelling.

    I think gardenia is splitting into two scents, lol, but we’ll see…

    Hope you have a great weekend too! First one of fall!

  3. Hi Laurie,

    Just wanted to stop by and say that I love the idea of a set of 5ml sprays. Especially for those of us that have more perfume than we know what to do with…I know it would take me forever to use a 34ml since I usually only need two sprays per application of your lovely and strong scents!

  4. Hi Stacey,

    Thanks, that’s good to know there is some interest. I’ve had a few people request 5 ml in the past, so I thought I’d bring it up as long as I had some of these nice purse sprays.

    I’ll post a pic tomorrow. 🙂

    I do have 17 ml now as a smaller option than the 34 ml, but I thought I could try the 5 ml too for the fall and holiday seasons and see if people like them. Might make nice gifts if I wrap two in tissue paper with a ribbon and put into the boxes. People could pick any two scents they wanted.

    Thsnks for input!


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